Friday 3 January 2014

What does it mean when I say I am poly?

I can be part of one or more long term, committed relationships, with one or more different people in each of those relationships.

I don't believe that love or affection are finite resources.
I find that the more I embrace sharing the love (and no, I am not referring to sex here), the more I appreciate all of those interconnected relationships.

Being poly is not the same (for me) as being a swinger, a player, or being free to "get some on the side", nor does it mean I'm "getting all the pussy/cock", or that I am "DTF" all and sundry, as many seem to assume.

While the agreements I have do allow for casual sexual encounters, that's really not my thing, and not something I seek.

That doesn't mean they never happen or that I am opposed to them, but honestly, I tend to require that there be some real form of spiritual, emotional and/or intellectual connection in addition to simple physical/chemical attraction in order to be sexually attracted to and turned on by someone.

I'm not interested in "hookups". I'm on dating, kink, chat, and social networking sites mainly to engage in discussions that I find interesting. I also use them for socialising with friends or arranging play time or hanging out, but those things come AFTER common ground and connection/friendship is established, not before.

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