Saturday 8 March 2014

Favourite Music

I'm moving this to a separate writing to pare down my profile a bit.

Some favourite bands in no particular order:
In Flames; Samael; Opeth; Blind Guardian; Nightwish; Angra; Arch Enemy; Dissection; Lacuna Coil; Emperor; Nile; Dark Tranquillity; At The Gates; Bal Sagoth; Savatage; Enthroned; Children of Bodom; The Haunted; Sonata Arctica; The Crown; Abandoned; Demons & Wizards; Iced Earth; Odes of Ecstasy; Edge of Sanity; Soilwork; Jag Panzer; Hammerfall; Sinergy; Haggard; Cynic; Nocturnal Rites; Symphony X; Old Man's Child; Killswitch Engage; Entombed; Death; Nightingale; Angel Dust; Manowar; Rhapsody; Night In Gales; Epica; Within Temptation; Dream Theater; Theatre of Tragedy; Carcass; Gardenian; Gandalf; Chastisement; Borknagar; Naglfar; Rotting Christ; Keep Of Kalessin; Enter My Silence; Internal Bleeding; King Diamond; Dimmu Borgir; Hypocrisy; Nightingale; Ceremonial Castings; Gift of Prophecy; Dragonforce; Cradle of Filth; Raventhrone; Amon Amarth; Sentenced; Morbid Angel; Virgin Steele; Kamelot; Einherjer; Leaves Eyes; My Dying Bride; Sabaton; Amorphis; Korpiklaani; Armageddon; Paradise Lost; Deicide; Dethklok; Therion; Graveworm; Grave; Kataklysm; Melechesh; Stratovarius; Northern Kings; ...
There are a lot more, and that's only the metal!
Here is an equally incomplete list of some of my non-metal favourites, again, in no particular order:
Heather Alexander/Alexander James Adams; The Mamas and Papa's; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Peter, Paul & Mary; Kansas; Led Zeppelin; Black Sabbath; Pink Floyd; El Debarge; Madonna (her older stuff, anyway); Simon & Garfunkel; Mortis; Run DMC; Fat Boys; Doug E. Fresh; Shania Twain; Garth Brooks; Randy Travis; DVDA; Bangles, Karen Carpenter; John Denver; Savage Garden; Gaia Consort; Allison Crowe; Enya; Loreena McKennitt; The Real McKenzies; The Wicked Tinkers; The Dropkick Murphys; Whitesnake; Bon Jovi; White Lion; Ravi Shankar; Robbie Robertson; David & Steve Gordon; Ice Cube; Beastie Boys; Jonathan Coulton; Two Nice Girls; Uncle Bonsai; Tim Minchin; They Might Be Giants; Bloodhound Gang; King Missle; Tism; The Whitlams; Crowded House; ...(more!)
And a TON more that I can't think of offhand or that are individual songs rather than the artist in general. I dig country, classical, opera, oldies, folk, old skool rap & R&B, celtic, native, and .. well.. pretty much everything other than most "alternative", grunge, gangsta rap and modern pop.

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