Thursday, 20 February 2014

Things I enjoy doing, things I'm good at, things I like to think about...

Things that I enjoy doing
I love photography (from both sides of the camera), and have been known to do some pretty crazy things in order to make that "perfect shot" happen.

I dig riding (horses and bikes - though I haven't done much of either since breaking my sacrum in 2010 - that will be changing soon, at least for the bikes, as I've recently bought my dream Harley and am relearning), camping, hot-tubbing, swimming, wandering around in the woods, hanging out with my dogs, hanging out with other people's dogs, hanging out with other animals, spending time with my grandkids, cooking, especially inventing new recipes and cooking for other people.

I feel some of the best pleasures in life are luxuriating in smoking fine cigars, drinking excellent, organic coffee, relaxing in a long, hot, scented bath, sensual touch, getting or giving a massage, being served (or, in very rare cases, serving), being pampered, and just sitting back and revelling in all that the universe has to offer.

I greatly enjoy good conversation. It doesn't have to be philosophical or mindbogglingly intelligent all the time to be good. Sometimes silly, juvenile, and just flat out ridiculous can be good!

I LOVE gaming! I always like being able to get smart people to play fun games with me.
Some current favourites are: Cards against Humanity, Fluxx (Monty Python, Zombie, Cthulhu, Pirate, Wizard of Oz) Gloom, Apples to Apples, Give me the Brain, We Didn't Playtest This At All, Kittens in a Blender, Poo, Nuts, Catchphrase, and other such things! (I have most of the aforementioned games.. Just need the players!)

I'm not into Facebook type games, WOW, or console games really. I DO love text based, online RPGs, but due to time constraints, limit myself to one. That one, currently, is Legend of the Green Dragon. My character is Moreta, FYI.

I am passionate about educating people in general about all manner of things, and especially subjects that are often misunderstood. I believe that the biggest key to combating the majority of the world's ills is education! I feel that most prejudice is a pretty direct result of ignorance and the spread of misinformation, whether it is about gender identity, sexual orientation, "alternative lifestyles", music, animals, breed specific legislation, addiction, mental illness, self harm, domestic violence, other cultures or anything else.

I love all animals and have been involved in animal rescue in one form or another for much of my teens and all of my adult life. I've worked with everything from mice and birds to wolves and snakes and all manner of creatures in between!
Our house has pretty much always been like a combination animal shelter and zoo, what with rescued and foster cats, dogs and assorted small wildlife critters.

I am active in local Sex Positive community and volunteer for several organizations. I run various events and I have presented workshops on various subjects from effective communication, to consensual slavery, oral sex (cocksucking and pussylicking.. YUM!) decorative scarification, blood play, knifeplay and mindfuck.

Things I'm good at
Singing, writing, web design, graphic design, making soap and other bath and body stuff, crafts, sales, parenting/grandparenting, staying calm and taking charge during crisis, working with animals, being a grammar/spelling/punctuation "Nazi", negotiation, stirring the pot, pushing buttons for fun.

Things I spend a lot of time thinking about
Music, the universe, alternate dimensions, different beliefs, spirituality, education, random things, pranks I can pull, word twisting, work, art, geek stuff.. Really, I think about just about anything.. I love to think.. I can entertain myself for hours on end just thinking about stuff.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My beliefs and spirituality

These are only a few of my beliefs, and I will be adding to this post in time.

I believe in living in accordance with nature, not trying to subvert or quash either the Earth/environment or my or others' natural tendencies in order to fit in with whatever happens to be the current societal standard.

I believe that there are very few truly "bad" people in the world and that the majority of people (and other beings) that commit harmful acts are doing so because they don't know how to do otherwise.
I am committed to doing all that I can to raise awareness and help as many as possible to learn to be beneficial members of the population.

That said, I am not so naive as to believe that those who present a danger to others should be allowed free reign to cause harm just because they don't know any better. Sometimes, the herd must be culled.

I believe in taking personal responsibility for all my thoughts, words, choices, actions, or lack of action, and feel that the world would be a better place if everyone else took responsibility for their own actions too.

I practise spirituality, rather than any particular religion.

My spiritual path is very eclectic, encompassing many elements from my Scottish/Norse, Irish and Cherokee heritage, as well as traditions, beliefs and practices from other North American tribes and various Eastern philosophies.