Thursday 29 July 2021

Music, Madness & Mayhem ~ Playlist & Recorded Show ~ 2021.07.28

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Listen to the entire recorded show here.


  1. Seether - Broken (feat. Amy Lee) (04:21)
  2. Ah-Ha - Take On Me (03:47)
  3. New Order - Blue Monday (04:07)
  4. Simon and Garfunkel - Peggy-O (02:25)
  5. Driftwood - Rhett & Link Live at Harrah's (2019) (03:23)
  6. Peter, Paul & Mary - Settle Down (Goin' Down That Highway) (01:43)
  7. Shout - Tears For Fears (06:31)
  8. Kids From Fame - Be Your Own Hero (03:23)
  9. Trini Lopez · Pete Seeger · Lee Hays - If I Had a Hammer (03:01)
  10. Seether - Careless Whisper (04:06)
  11. Wham! - Careless Whisper (05:02)
  12. Spaulding - Careless Whispers (Wham) - Metal Cover (04:15)
  13. Talking Heads - Burning Down The House - Bohemia Afterdark (03:23)
  14. Men At Work - Down Under (03:41)
  15. Leonard Cohen - Everybody knows (05:29)
  16. Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat (05:11)
  17. Jonathan Coulton - Famous Blue Raincoat (04:00)
  18. Tim Minchin - Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen cover (06:16)
  19. Tim Minchin & Geradline Quinn - Hallelujah (06:23)
  20. Tim Minchin - Not Perfect (07:07)
  21. Silver Wings - Rhett & Link Live at Harrah's (2019) (02:54)
  22. Extreme - More Than Words (04:16)
  23. Simon and Garfunkel - A Poem on the Underground Wall (01:57)
  24. Peter, Paul and Mary - Sorrow (02:53)
  25. Kids From Fame - Body Language (03:15)
  26. Modern English - I Melt With You (03:47)
  27. Queensland Symphony Orchestra - Baby Shark (Queensland Style) (01:50)

Metal Mayhem X Playlist & Recorded Show ~ 2021.07.27

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  1. Atavistia - The Forbidden One (11:17)
  2. Frosttide - Tranquility (06:06)
  3. In Flames - Episode 666 (03:43)
  4. Suotana - Troutrace (06:00)
  5. Crepuscle - Fault Line (04:08)
  6. Belzebubs - Cathedrals Of Mourning (05:27)
  7. Wintersun - Land Of Snow And Sorrow - Live Rehearsal @ Sonic Pump Studios (08:11)
  8. Wizardthrone - Forbidden Equations Deep Within the Epimethean Wasteland (04:57)
  9. Arcane Existence - The Dark One (04:34)
  10. Accept - The Undertaker (05:59)
  11. Dark Oath - The Tree Of Life (06:33)
  12. Gone In April - As Hope Welcomes Death (06:29)
  13. Heart Healer - Into The Unknown (07:38)
  14. Fading Aeon - Fear My Name (08:11)
  15. Gorgon - Valley Of Redemption (04:57)
  16. Saxon - Stone Free (03:44)
  17. Van Canto - Heads Up High (03:37)
  18. Rhapsody Of Fire - The Wind, The Rain And The Moon (05:19)
  19. Powerwolf - Alive Or Undead (04:23)
  20. Labyrinth - Den Of Snakes (06:34)
  21. Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Beautiful Lie Feat. James LaBrie (03:51)
  22. Flotsam And Jetsam - The Walls (04:41)
  23. Impaled Nazarene - Foucault Pendulum (05:00)
  24. Einherjer - Higher Fire (03:38)
  25. Temple of Void - Leave the Light Behind (05:17)
  26. Dragony - Darkness Within (04:29)
  27. The Ruins Of Beverast - Anchoress In Furs (09:10)
  28. Moonspell - Entitlement (06:16)
  29. Genus Ordinis Dei - Hail And Kill (05:59)
  30. At The Gates - Touched By The White Hands Of Death (04:07)
  31. Therion - Azi Dahaka (03:06)
  32. Nahtram - An Ominous Journey (11:54)
  33. Tre Watson and Andrew Patterson - Baby Shark [Death Metal] (01:27)

Sunday 25 July 2021

Metal Mayhem Playlist & Recorded Show ~ 2021.07.24

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Listen to the entire recorded show here.

Featured Full Album
Hypercube Necrodimensions
Released: July 16, 2021

Label: Napalm Records


  1. Mörk Gryning - Tusen År Har Gått (03:33)
  2. Sacramentum - Far Away From The Sun (05:13)
  3. Cardinal Sin - Probe With A Quest (05:35)
  4. Throwdown - Baby Got back (04:31)
  5. Dawn - Falcula (10:12)
  6. Withered Beauty - Immortality Is Mine (05:41)
  7. Zahrim - Birth Of Zahrim (02:58)
  8. Embraced - Nightfall (05:23)
  9. Vinterland - A Castle So Crystal Clear (05:28)
  10. Leo Moracchioli - Beggin' [Metal Cover] (04:32)
  11. Wizardthrone - Black Hole Quantum Thermodynamics (03:06)
  12. Wizardthrone - Frozen Winds of Thyraxia (05:32)
  13. Wizardthrone - Incantation of the Red Order (05:03)
  14. Wizardthrone - Forbidden Equations Deep Within the Epimethean Wasteland (04:57)
  15. Wizardthrone - The Coalescence of Nine Stars in the System Once Known as Markarian-231 (04:30)
  16. Wizardthrone - Of Tesseractual Gateways and the Grand Duplicity of Xhul (05:28)
  17. Wizardthrone - Hypercube Necrodimensions (02:52)
  18. Wizardthrone - Beyond the Wizardthrone (Cryptopharmalogical Revelations of the Riemann Zeta Function) (13:12)
  19. Arcane Existence - Sovereign Blood (Single) Symphonic Death Metal - Black Metal - The Circle Pit (05:04)
  20. Dark Oath - Land Of Ours (09:54)
  21. Stormlord - Leviathan (05:07)
  22. Belzebubs - Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods (08:54)
  23. Threat Signal - A New Beginning (04:26)
  24. Naglfar - Emerging From Her Weepings (06:41)
  25. Aephanemer - Bloodline (05:30)
  26. Crepuscle - Heavenly Skies (03:58)
  27. Dissection - The Somberlain (07:06)
  28. Amnesia - Hymn to the Ancient Ones.mp4 (03:03)
  29. Kneel Before None!! - Baby Shark (death metal version) (01:38)

Monday 19 July 2021

Recipe ~ Phukifino Soup

As always, if you just want the recipe, without the story behind it, click here.

This is a surprisingly inexpensive, quick, and super simple recipe for something so hearty and satisfying! 
It's got a bit of a kick, but that can be easily toned town or (if you must) eliminated.

 This was invented by my former owner, Owl, sometime in the mid 2000s. It is another of those things that was the result of some imagination, combined with being poor and needing to feed everyone with what was on hand. So, as usual, he started pulling out things we had on hand, and went from there. 
When my youngest child asked what he was making for supper, he laughed and said, "Fuck if I know!", and then, immediately followed it up with, "Soup!" So, from then on, it became known as, "Fuck if I Know Soup". Because it was SO good that it needed to be made again and again.

I have since tweaked the recipe a bit, to my own tastes, and renamed it slightly, partly so it is AllRecipes safe, and, of course, because I love plays on words and the way it kinda looks like maybe some non-English word, if you're not paying attention. 
It's perfect as a side dish or as a meal on its own.

Phukifino Soup

Equipment: Large pot, Dutch oven, or Instant Pot

  • 2 Tbs butter
  • 2-4 med onions onion, chopped or sliced
  • 1/2 - 1 lb smoked sausages cut into disks about 1/4 inch thick
  • 1-5 drops Dave's Insanity Sauce (or private reserve, or other preferred hot sauce, but I really like the smoky taste of Dave's) to taste
  • 1 Tbs Rum extract
  • 1 Cup orzo
  • 2 Tbsp each chicken and beef bouillon/base OR substitute meat/veg/bone broth for water
  • About 8 cups water
  • 1/2 lb sour cream (more or less to taste)
  • 12 oz or so shredded cheese (I prefer sharp cheddar, but any kind/s should be good)

  1. Sauté onions in butter until they start to turn transparent.
  2. Add sausage and continue sautéing a few minutes longer, until the sausages are just heated up.
  3. Stir in orzo, bouillon, rum extract, and Dave's, and keep stirring mixture until sausages are nicely browned.
  4. Add water (or broth), bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer until pasta is almost done. (OR set Instant Pot to high pressure for 1 minute with natural release, or 3 minutes with quick release)
  5. Add sour cream and sprinkle in cheese, stirring soup constantly until smoothly and evenly distributed.
  6. Remove pot from heat and serve

Saturday 17 July 2021

Metal Mayhem Playlist & Recorded Show ~ 2021.07.17

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Listen to the entire recorded show here.

Featured Full Album
Call Of The Wild
Released: July 16, 2021

Label: Napalm Records


  1. Slipknot - Surfacing (03:38)
  2. Skyforger - Oh Fog, Oh Dew (04:26)
  3. Accept - Samson And Delilah (04:31)
  4. Five Finger Death Punch - Wash It All Away [Radio Edit] (03:45)
  5. Bodom After Midnight - Where Dead Angels Lie (06:20)
  6. System Of A Down - Toxicity (03:43)
  7. Xiv Dark Centuries - Donar's Söhne (Gizit Dar Faida) (05:38)
  8. Korpiklaani - The Steel (03:14)
  9. Crypta - Kali (04:33)
  10. Turisas - Miklagard Overture (08:18)
  11. Heart Healer - Evil’s Around The Corner (05:19)
  12. Powerwolf - Faster Than The Flame (04:09)
  13. Powerwolf - Beast Of Gévaudan (03:59)
  14. Powerwolf - Dancing With The Dead (04:50)
  15. Powerwolf - Varcolac (03:52)
  16. Powerwolf - Alive Or Undead (04:23)
  17. Powerwolf - Blood For Blood (Faoladh) (03:11)
  18. Powerwolf - Glaubenskraft (03:56)
  19. Powerwolf - Call Of The Wild (03:39)
  20. Powerwolf - Sermon Of Swords (03:18)
  21. Powerwolf - Undress To Confess (03:31)
  22. Powerwolf - Reverent Of Rats (02:54)
  23. Impaled Nazarene - Unholy Necromancy (02:30)
  24. Flotsam And Jetsam - Undone (03:19)
  25. Everdawn - The Last Eden (04:59)
  26. At The Gates - Cult Of Salvation (04:24)
  27. Dragony - Legends Never Die (03:43)
  28. Epica - Freedom - The Wolves Within (05:37)
  29. Chalice Of Sin - Nightmare (03:57)
  30. Nightfall - Meteor Gods (06:08)
  31. Moonspell - Darkness In Paradise [Candlemass Cover] (07:10)
  32. Einherjer - Listen to the Graves (06:55)
  33. Labyrinth - Finally Free (06:23)
  34. Rude - Omega (03:52)
  35. Leo Moracchioli - What Is Love [Metal Cover] (03:49)
  36. Leo Moracchioli - Baby Shark [Metal Cover] (03:30)


Music, Madness & Mayhem (Celly Metal Tribute) ~ Playlist & Recorded Show ~ 2021.07.14

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Today, I was thinking of doing an 80s movies themed show, but when I tuned into DJ Celesta's show, I discovered that she had the exact same idea, AND that she had already played or was planning to play the majority of what I had thought to play. Great minds think alike, right? Well, first I thought of just continuing the theme as-is, and playing stuff she hadn't played yet, but then, I realised, "Hey! I have a metal cover of this. Oh, I have a metal cover of this too. And this. And... hmmmmm...... I wonder...?" In that moment, an idea was born, and if you missed it, you can witness the metal miracle of birth all over again by listening to the entire recorded show right here!


  1. Biomortal - Take My Breath Away [Metal Berlin Cover] (05:30)
  2. Leo Moracchioli - Danger Zone [Metal Cover] (02:46)
  3. Dequivers - THINK [Aretha Franklin Metal Cover] (04:12)
  4. The 69 Eyes - Call me (03:53)
  5. Metal Collaborations - (I've Had the) Time of My Life [Metal Cover] (04:46)
  6. Sex Pistols - My Way (02:56)
  7. Anew Revolution - True Faith (03:11)
  8. Northern Kings - A View To Kill (Duran,Duran Cover) (05:18)
  9. Rise to Fall - Against All Odds (04:50)
  10. Leo Moracchioli - Kokomo [Metal Cover] (04:18)
  11. Matt Bodnar - St Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) [John Parr Metal Cover] (04:43)
  12. Metallica - When Doves Cry [Metal Prince Cover] (Live)[EXPLICIT] (04:03)
  13. Fireland - Invincible (Pat Benatar cover version) (03:51)
  14. Northern Kings - We Don't Need Another Hero (04:24)
  15. Life Of Agony - Don't You (Forget About Me) 12 Simple Minds Cover (06:10)
  16. Anthrax - Carry On Wayward Son (05:29)
  17. Edge of forever - What a feeling (05:06)
  18. Leo Moracchioli - Eye Of The Tiger [Metal Cover] (04:26)
  19. Nightwish - High Hopes [Live] (06:36)
  20. Mastodon - Just Got Paid (03:33)
  21. Metallica - Am I Evil (Diamond Head cover).mp3 (07:43)
  22. Thunder And Lightning - Hungry Eyes [Metal Cover] (03:50)
  23. A Hero for the World - Glory Of Love [Metal Cover] (04:53)
  24. Hot Chunky Mama - Footloose [Metal Cover] (03:26)
  25. Percival - A Kind of Magic [Queen Cover] (03:22)
  26. Sonata Arctica - The Wind Beneath My Wings (04:44)
  27. Kramix ft.DJ SOULBRAH - Baby Shark [Rock/Metal/Electronic/Scratch] (02:45)

Metal Mayhem X Playlist & Recorded Show ~ 2021.07.13

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Listen to the entire recorded show here.


  1. Dragony - Golden Dawn (04:40)
  2. Chalice Of Sin - I Stand (05:58)
  3. Heart Healer - Mesmerized (05:17)
  4. Therion - Great Marquis Of Hell (02:36)
  5. Korpiklaani - Miero (04:20)
  6. Sirenia - The Timeless Waning (04:04)
  7. Crypta - Bloodstained Heritage (04:36)
  8. The Ruins Of Beverast - Mammothpolis (06:21)
  9. Van Canto - Run To The Hills (04:00)
  10. Labyrinth - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Ultravox Cover) (04:41)
  11. Einherjer - Ascension (07:39)
  12. Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Beauty And War Feat. Raphael Mendes (05:17)
  13. Rhapsody Of Fire - The Courage To Forgive (Live) (05:07)
  14. Impaled Nazarene - Human Cesspool (00:58)
  15. Saxon - The Rocker (03:49)
  16. Nanowar Of Steel - Rosario (05:36)
  17. Winterage - La Morte Di Venere (05:14)
  18. Midnight Dice - Starblind (06:11)
  19. Everdawn - Heart Of A Lion (04:18)
  20. Flotsam And Jetsam - Too Many Lives (04:49)
  21. Moonspell - Apophthegmata (05:41)
  22. Metallica - Enter Sandman (07:39)
  23. At The Gates - The Abstract Enthroned (04:27)
  24. Nightfall - Martyrs Of The Cult Of The Dead (Agita) (04:20)
  25. Epica - Kingdom Of Heaven - Part III - The Antediluvian Universe (13:24)
  26. Accept - The Best Is Yet to Come (04:47)
  27. Angelus Apatrida - Through The Glass (05:42)
  28. Durbin - Riders On The Wind (05:04)
  29. Cannibal Corpse - Bound And Burned (04:04)
  30. Atreyu - Catastrophe (02:44)
  31. Cirith Ungol - Half Past Human (07:24)
  32. Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence (04:06)
  33. Rotting Christ - Archon (04:12)
  34. Nile - Ramses Bringer Of War (04:45)
  35. Northern Kings - My Way (Frank Sinatra Cover) (04:21)
  36. Liliac - Enter Sandman (05:11)
  37. Metallica - Star Wars Imperial March (02:45)
  38. Rhapsody of Fire - On The Way To Ainor (06:59)
  39. Powerwolf - Beast Of Gévaudan (Single) (03:59)
  40. Dan Vasc - Kiss From A Rose [Metal Cover] (04:53)
  41. Gandalf - Dead Man's Hand (04:56)
  42. Chaos Magic Featuring Caterina Nix - Throw Me To The Wolves (03:27)
  43. Ceremonial Castings - The Ghost Of Alice (05:02)
  44. Helloween - All My Loving (The Beatles Cover) (01:44)
  45. Gregorian Masters - Sweet Child Of Mine [Guns 'N Roses Cover] (05:47)
  46. Kneel Before None!! - Baby Shark (death metal version) (01:38)

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Clean your fridge weekly for free meals! (Thrifty Kitchen Tips)


Mondays are my day each week to clean out the fridge and "root cellar, (a hanging basket of onions and potatoes in the kitchen, and box in the unheated room off the kitchen for squash, gourds, and similar), so that is also when I tend to do a lot of meal planning for the week. Basically, the idea is to unearth and rescue anything that is on its last legs or soon will be, and make sure it gets used up before it goes bad. And, of course, to throw out anything that has already gone bad, but when you keep up with the task, almost nothing ever goes bad or to waste!

This is also a great way to ease into cooking ahead, which is a pretty popular thing right now, and a really good way to save time and money in the long run.

I have fallen down on the job the last couple weeks, only sort of half-assing it, but thankfully, nothing had to be tossed! That said, there was a LOT of stuff needing to be used fairly promptly. 

So, what did I pull out of the fridge and other places on the Monday in question?
A couple of sad, lonely, little onions and one rotten one, most of a good onion from the fridge, a bunch of soft potatoes, almost a pound of decidedly flaccid carrots, two partial bunches of flat out floppy celery, three pounds of beets that I kept meaning to roast and kept forgetting for like two weeks, Some old garlic, about 1/3 of a head of cauliflower - not enough to really use on its own...

... a somewhat hardened wheel of Brie, what was left of a big bag of walnuts, most of a bottle of injectable marinade stuff - well past the pull date, but still smelled good, the dregs of an ancient bottle of Italian salad dressing, and a 2 lb package of bacon that was forgotten (I usually vac seal them into 1/4 - 1/2 lb packs and freeze them).

Time to start planning and prepping. 

Added to  a couple eggs, a pack of frozen chicken thighs, some harvested herbs from pruning my plants, and some contributions from my spice shelf, this will be breakfast for one day, and lunches and dinners for two or three days, depending on how hungry folks are.

The rotten onion bulb had almost nothing salvageable, but the newly grown scallions would make a nice addition to a breakfast, veggie scramble!

 Who would think those lovely, sliced scallions came from something rotten?


 That Brie is definitely old and a lot more dry than Brie is typically enjoyed, but it still tastes great, and will be even better incorporated into a couple of dishes.

Time to get cooking!

Sautéing onion, celery, carrots, and garlic for the scramble
Almost time to add in the eggs.

 Once the veggies are tender and slightly browned, a couple eggs are scrambled in. Meanwhile, most of the bacon was chopped up to cook, and will be added to other things, but I saved some slices out just for breakfast.


  The pieces are irregular cause I always get the big packs of bacon ends and pieces. It's a fraction of the price per lb, almost always thick sliced, with more meat to fat than the regular packages, and an awesome deal! Ask your local grocer where to find the ends and pieces. They are often not with the rest of the packaged bacon.  


 And that HUGE serving there is mostly veggies, with just over one egg and a little bit of Brie in the entire bowl (plus the bacon, of course), so can be enjoyed knowing it's a balanced meal.  
Now, with a good breakfast served and eaten, the rest of the future meals can be planned, assembled, and any cooking ahead done.

  Next up, a delicious roasted root veggie dish using the potatoes, beets, cauliflower, walnuts, the rest of the Brie, onion, carrots and celery, some of the garlic and harvested herbs, olive oil, and a few spices.

It could be a side dish or a main dish. We used portions of it for both over several days. 
Then, the salad dressing and injectable marinade, with the rest of the garlic and herbs made a delicious marinade for chicken, and then an equally delicious pan sauce to drizzle over said chicken after grilling.

I served that up with freshly harvested green salads from my indoor lettuce garden for one meal, and with the roasted veggie thing on the side for the next meal. Decadent! 
And almost all with stuff that was in danger of getting thrown out!

What can your weekly fridge and pantry cleaning haul yield for your next scrumptious meals?

Sunday 11 July 2021

Metal Mayhem X Playlist & Recorded Show ~ 2021.07.06

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There are a couple songs on the recording that are before the official show. That's cause I wanted to have the last song before my show be the original of the first song I played. And I didn't want to listen to what the auto-dj was playing! LOL. They aren't metal, but they are good tunes!

Listen to the entire recorded show here.

Featured Full Album
Italian Folk Metal
Nanowar Of Steel
Released: July 2, 2021

Label: Napalm Records 


  1. High Watt Studios and John Runyan - Hurts So Good [Metal Cover] (03:53)
  2. Athena - Soul Sailor (04:14)
  3. Highland Glory - One Last Chance (04:50)
  4. Lost Horizon - Think Not Forever (05:58)
  5. Stratovarius - Black Diamond (05:35)
  6. Sabaton - Cliffs Of Gallipoli (05:42)
  7. Manowar - Fight For Freedom (04:30)
  8. Andre Matos - Letting Go (06:04)
  9. Primal Fear - Die Young (03:54)
  10. Dionysus - Anima Mundi (03:33)
  11. Rhapsody (Of Fire) - Dawn Of Victory (04:44)
  12. Sonata Arctica - The Cage (04:39)
  13. Freedom Call - Freedom Call (05:33)
  14. Caelestia - Thanatopsis Live Studio Session (06:46)
  15. Follow The Cipher - Enter The Cipher (06:18)
  16. Heaven Below - Major Tom (04:12)
  17. Inner Core - Snowstorm (06:48)
  18. Rage Of Light - Judas (Lady Gaga Metal Cover) (05:01)
  19. Metaprism - Carve The Stone (04:53)
  20. Hellcats - Steelrider (03:24)
  21. Epica - Universal Love Squad (04:23)
  22. Reality Suite - Dead To Me (04:36)
  23. Nanowar Of Steel - Requiem Per Gigi Sabani In Re Minore (02:19)
  24. Nanowar Of Steel - L'Assedio Di Porto Cervo (04:14)
  25. Nanowar Of Steel - La Maledizione Di Capitan Findus (04:15)
  26. Nanowar Of Steel - La Marcia Su Piazza Grande (02:24)
  27. Nanowar Of Steel - La Mazurka Del Vecchio Che Guarda I Cantieri (04:44)
  28. Nanowar Of Steel - La Polenta Taragnarock (04:44)
  29. Nanowar Of Steel - Scugnizzi Of The Land Of Fires (03:56)
  30. Nanowar Of Steel - Rosario (05:36)
  31. Nanowar Of Steel - Il Signore Degli Anelli Dello Stadio (03:10)
  32. Nanowar Of Steel - Gabonzo Robot (04:20)
  33. Nanowar Of Steel - Sulle Aliquote Della Libertà (03:29)
  34. Nanowar Of Steel - Der Fluch Des Kapt'n Iglo (04:16)
  35. Nanowar Of Steel - El Baile Del Viejo Que Mira Las Obras (04:42)
  36. Nanowar Of Steel - Formia (02:34)
  37. Nanowar Of Steel - Biancodolce (03:41)
  38. VOLBEAT - I Only Wanna Be With You (03:03)
  39. Volbeat - Still Counting (04:21)
  40. Apocalyptica Feat. Lacey - Broken Pieces (03:54)
  41. Metalwings - There’s No Time (04:21)
  42. Nightwish - Amaranth (03:51)
  43. Dragonland - Beethoven's Nightmare (06:13)
  44. Solar Fragment (ft. Hansi Kursch) - Inside the Circle (05:02)
  45. Dreamtale - The Dawn (04:07)
  46. Falconer - Catch The Shadows (04:26)
  47. HammerFall - Hearts On Fire (03:51)
  48. Helloween - Burning Sun (05:30)
  49. Dragonforce - Heroes Of Our Time (04:58)
  50. Pellek - Baby Shark [Metal Cover] (01:40)


Saturday 10 July 2021

"You Know What I meant" (Things You Should Never Say to ND People)


 I swear to all that is holy, I get SO fucking tired of people saying stupid shit to me (or anyone) because of their own mental landscape and assumptions about mine/"everybody's"!

There are ALL kinds of reasons someone might not understand the world, language, customs, culture, "truths", or anything else in the same ways. Some of those reasons have to do with being from different places, socio-economic classes, or other different types of upbringings, and some of them have to do with brain wiring. 

I am specifically referring to ND people here, but really, why would you say this kind of thing to anyone, as though you can read their thoughts and feelings?

So, what follows is a beginning list of things you should not say to people unless you are DAMN sure you are correct (Based on empirical fact, not your assumptions, filters, or feelings!). And once you are sure, double and triple check. Or, just don't assume, period. There's an idea!

  • You know what I meant.
  • Everybody knows that. 
  • That is obvious.
  • Don't be obtuse.
  • Don't play dumb.
  • You're so smart. You couldn't possibly [insert dumbass assumption here].
  • You're just being lazy
  • If it were a priority, you would remember. 
  • You have selective [memory loss/hearing/reading/understanding/etc]. 
  • You obviously [insert dumbass assumption here].
This is most certainly an incomplete list, and I will add to it as needed. If you have something to add to it, please let me know in the comments!

Thursday 8 July 2021

Do you really need to bug out? (probably not)


We have our go bags, bug out bags and vehicles, plans, locations, checkpoints, drop points, and all, but the likelihood, for many of us, is that we will never actually have to  completely "bug out", or "get out of Dodge". 

That doesn't mean we shouldn't have them though, 

More likely, we'll run into some of life's little (or not so little) snags, and our preparations will make them into minor inconveniences or slight changes in plans, rather than major mishaps. 

Having a bug out/get home bag in your primary vehicle (whether or not that is also your BOV) means that if you get caught out somewhere with car trouble, severe weather, a closed, washed out, or otherwise blocked only way to your destination, or any other issue, you've got food, water, hygiene supplies, warm bedding of some kind, and extra clothing to see you through comfortably until you can get home. 
Even if you have the means to get a hotel for the night and eat out/order in whenever the need arises, and there happens to be something close enough to your location, and they have vacancies/are open, AND if they actually have all you technically need, even with no overnight bag or whatever, you are going to have a much nicer time if you have your own toothbrush, change of clothes (especially if yours got soaked or filthy), and something quick and easy to eat.

Having your go bag at the ready in an easy to grab spot in your home ensures that if you need to travel on short notice; maybe to babysit for a friend, fly to an ill or injured relative, take a colleague's place at a convention, or even get invited to an event on short notice, not to mention any number of other possible scenarios, you only have to throw a few trip specific items in, if anything, rather than spend your limited time packing at the last minute. Then you can spend the time you have on making sure other things go smoothly, and avoid extra stress, knowing you have everything you need, because you weren't packing at the last minute, probably haphazardly, and almost definitely forgetting at least one important item. And don't forget the go bags/inclusions for pets and kids too, whether they are going with you, or have to be picked up by or dropped off with a sitter or something on your way to your destination!

So, just like I say in my more comprehensive, It's probably not the Zombie Apocalypse post, from a few years ago, "being prepared frequently means the  difference between an emergency or survival situation and an inconvenience. In true disaster conditions, it can mean the difference between surviving and not."

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Metal Mayhem Playlist & Recorded Show ~ 2021.07.03

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Listen to the entire recorded show here.

Featured Full Album
The Nightmare Of Being
At The Gates
Released: July 2, 2021

Label: Century Media Records


  1. Bifröst - Der Mönch (03:33)
  2. Bathory - Blood On Ice (05:44)
  3. Skyforger - Kurshi (04:44)
  4. Black Messiah - Windloni (2012) (05:41)
  5. Trelleborg - Gunbjorn (Birth Of Skerriz) (04:42)
  6. Alator - Ragnarök (04:46)
  7. Nordheim - Far Away (05:12)
  8. Finntroll - Trollhammaren (03:28)
  9. Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods (04:19)
  10. Arkona - Pokrovi Nebesnogo Startsa (04:10)
  11. EQUILIBRIUM - Der Ewige Sieg (04:31)
  12. Korpiklaani - Nordic Feast (02:49)
  13. At The Gates - Spectre Of Extinction (04:49)
  14. At The Gates - The Paradox (04:43)
  15. At The Gates - The Nightmare Of Being (03:49)
  16. At The Gates - Garden Of Cyrus (04:25)
  17. At The Gates - Touched By The White Hands Of Death (04:07)
  18. At The Gates - The Fall Into Time (06:45)
  19. At The Gates - Cult Of Salvation (04:24)
  20. At The Gates - The Abstract Enthroned (04:27)
  21. At The Gates - Cosmic Pessimism (04:31)
  22. At The Gates - Eternal Winter Of Reason (03:38)
  23. Saltatio Mortis - My mother told me (03:17)
  24. Eluveitie - The Endless Knot (06:58)
  25. Enslaved - In Chains Until Ragnarok (05:39)
  26. Whispered - Dead Cold Inside (08:21)
  27. Peccatum - I Breathe Without Access to Air (03:47)
  28. Diabolical - Riders on the Bonez (05:55)
  29. Ancient Rites - Fatherland (07:04)
  30. Witchery - Awaiting the Exorcist (03:19)
  31. Opeth - Demon of the Fall (06:12)
  32. Carpathian Forest - Death Triumphant (04:28)
  33. Myrskog - A Macabre Fanfare for the Devil (05:43)
  34. Slay Duggee - Baby Shark (Heavy Metal) (01:45)

Saturday 3 July 2021

Neuro-di-What?? (Why and How to navigate the brain workings that make me who and how I am)

So, as noted in various places in my profile and other pages, I have "non stock factory options" in my brain wiring. They have official names, but I often refer to them as my alphabet soup diagnoses. 

Any one of them puts a person into the "neurodivergent", or, "neurodiverse" (ND) category, and, interestingly, most of them can be managed in really similar ways, both by the individual, and by those with whom they interact. They are also all frequently co-morbid conditions, meaning, two or more of them often occur together.

Any or all of them can occur in people of any intelligence level. Being smart doesn't keep you from having a differently wired brain. In fact, many studies suggest that a high percentage of ND people have higher than typical intelligence.  

Any and all of them also come with some quirks that are often difficult for neurotypical (NT) people to understand, and may well be annoying, distracting, confusing, or otherwise discomfiting.   

What follows is a not necessarily complete list of my own ND diagnoses, and my experiences, observations, and notes for NT people on navigating them.

ADHD (Combined, severe)

If you know me, even at all, you'll likely recognise almost ALL of traits and symptoms on this page

If you don't really know me, well...that all describes me pretty aptly. To the point that I'm not even bothering to write out most of the things I do associated with this one, as it would be redundant. Just read the page and then come back. 

So, yeah. I do/experience pretty much all that stuff. Yes, it can be terribly annoying. It's not on purpose, and I can only minimally control bits of it. 

Some of them, like organising and remembering tasks, appointments, and routines, I cope with the aid of computer programs and apps that remind me, automate certain tasks, and help me keep track. I still need reminders to stay on task, even with all the tools I use to try and manage. Some of them, interestingly enough, are mitigated my some of my other "conditions". Cool, huh? I think so. 

Anyway, moving along...

I need to multitask most of the time in order to focus my brain on a particular thing. Otherwise, it wanders off too easily. I usually can't just focus on ONE thing except in really extreme situations. I'm almost always listening to (loud!) music when I'm studying, working, doing homework, writing, etc. That occupies the parts of my brain that try to wander off, so I can use the other parts to pay attention. I understand that it might not make sense to you, but that's just how some brains work. When watching a film or listening to a lecture, or anything similar, like a presentation, class, workshop, etc, I'm drawing, fidgeting, fiddling with something, and/or frequently looking around or away from the speaker. That doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. 

If I am sitting still and appear to be looking at you with rapt attention the entire time (often after being chastised for not doing so), you can almost guarantee that my mind and thoughts are a million miles away, and I'm not taking in anything you are saying/showing. It takes up too much of my attention to focus on arranging my face and body to look like I'm "paying attention", and I don't have enough left to actually pay attention.

If you are not sure I am paying attention, ask me, politely. Like, "Hey Khaos, are you still with us?", in a non-accusing/non-sarcastic tone. If I say I am, or nod, or thumbs up, or any other "yes" indication, then I am. If you decide to challenge or "test" me, by asking some question(s) about what you were saying, don't get all pissy when I recite it back to you, possibly verbatim. You are the one who chose not to take me at my word, and risked being shown up. That's on you - NOT me. Own it. 

If I'm tapping the desk, clicking a pen, making a repetitive noise, etc, you can ask me to stop or just ignore it. If you ask me to stop, I will, but I'll probably start doing it again only moments later. Sometimes, you can suggest a using a different (non clicky) pen, for instance, or using some other (quieter) fidget thing to keep me occupied without bugging people, but sometimes it just can't be helped. I cannot control the impulse. It is not about willpower any more than I can will my diabetic pancreas to produce insulin, or a quadriplegic person can will themselves to get up and dance, or someone with bad allergies can keep from sneezing. It's not happening. It's outside of our control. If you try to insist I stop, or kick me out of a class or whatever for it, you are just as much as a butthole (and are breaking the law just as much, if it's any kind of official/public thing) as if you kicked out the quadriplegic person for not standing up when everyone is supposed to do so. Don't be a butthole. 


The term autism was changed to autism spectrum disorder in 2013 by the American Psychiatric Association. ASD is now an umbrella term that covers the following conditions:

   • Autistic disorder.
   • Pervasive developmental disorder — not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS).
   • Asperger syndrome.

[Quote Source]

 I am on the autism spectrum. I am what is commonly (informally - it's not medically recognised) known as, "high functioning", meaning I am able to read, write, speak, and manage life skills without much assistance. 

Of course, that is referring to life skills needed to survive - not necessarily the ones needed to thrive in society, school, the workplace, relationships, using the phone etc. those are a little tricker. 

It's a really common misconception that there are clear cut "levels" of functioning autism, or that most people on the autism spectrum have one or two "super gifted" areas, and are severely developmentally delayed everywhere else. The truth is that a person can be really "high functioning" in some areas, and positively dismal in others, and there is no "norm". That said, there are a great many commonalities - things that many or most on the spectrum experience at least to some degree. 

 In my case, that includes:

Random hand/arm flapping, weird noises I don't know I'm making, singing stuff instead of saying them for no apparent reason, taking things too literally, not understanding subtext or non-verbal cues, not knowing things that are "obvious" or, "everybody knows", or the flip side of that, thinking that things are obvious to everyone, when they are not. 

I say things in straightforward ways, often lacking in tact. If I say something, that is generally exactly what I mean. I don't use subtext any more than I understand it, most of the time. Sometimes my apparent or actual emotional reaction (or lack thereof) to things is not the expected one. 

If you say something that is not exactly, PRECISELY what you meant, in clear wording, or that could be heard or read in another way, and I don't seem to understand, or I seem to understand differently from what you mean, I am not being deliberately obtuse.

Do not say, "You know what I meant", to me (or anyone!), when I ask for clarification or misinterpret something you said. If I asked, then I am straight up telling you that I don't know what you meant. I REALLLLY dislike being called a liar. Most people do. Would you like it if I insisted that you meant something different than what you did, because that's how I "heard" it? No? then don't assume I "heard" something the way you meant. It's rude. Speaking of rude, people on the autism spectrum frequently have very different ideas of what is or isn't rude (or "normal") than neurotypical people, and I am no exception. If I get it wrong, just tell me plainly. Like, "[Thing] usually is/isn't considered rude by most people". Unlike, "Everybody knows [X]", it actually tells me something in a factual way, rather than an untrue, illogical, and unhelpful statement. There is NOTHING in this world that everybody knows. That is a fact. 

Oh yeah. ASD folks tend to be really caught up in facts and technicalities. That goes along with the taking stuff literally or nitpicking minor details. We don't do it to annoy you. We don't necessarily even know it will annoy you until after the fact - no matter how many times it has annoyed you or others in the past. The information just resets. That happens with all kinds of information. 

That, or I (we/other ASD peeps) will apply rules learned in a specific encounter to all future encounters that are the same or very similar. 

So, if I approach you and you say, "leave me alone", without specifying an end time or specific condition, I'm probably going to leave you alone until you tell me to stop leaving you alone. We can be kind of like computer programs. You have to be very specific, cause we are likely to do EXACTLY what you said. No more and no less. That's another place where, "You know what I meant" is worse than useless.

It's worth noting that lots of these overlap with symptoms of other things listed on this page. I'm pretty sure that isn't a coincidence. I will not be in the least bit surprised if, some point down the road, science determines that all or some of these "separate" conditions are, in fact, just parts of a spectrum of their own, along with a variety of other frontal lobe issues. But that's another post entirely!

I'm sure I left out some things, and I will probably edit this post in the future, as needed.


While I have been previously diagnosed with dyslexia, the current definitions are a bit different from what they used to be, and this may well be symptoms of something else, but I'm just going to put it here anyway, until/unless I find a better place to put them. 

I transpose or otherwise scramble letters, numbers, and words. I can read and re-read it a bazillion times and still not see the mistake until it is specifically pointed out to me. My brain auto-corrects for me, and I see it correctly. That means that I can read very quickly, even when there are typos, but that I may take a little longer to correctly type or write something, or may have to ask someone to repeat a spelling or sequence of letters or numbers multiple times, and STILL might not get it right. It isn't because I'm stupid, nor does being smart in any way guard against it.

Chronic Motor Tic (similar to Tourette's)

 I randomly shake my head. It looks like a "no" head shake, most of the time. It isn't. Even if the timing seemed way too coincidental to be anything but, it isn't. If I disagree with you, I will politely TELL you, not do some ridiculous, passive-aggressive thing that makes me look like a spazz. If I tell you it is a tic, it's a tic. Accept it and freaking MOVE ON and just try to ignore it! Yes, it can be distracting, off-putting, annoying, and lots of other adjectives with negative connotations. And yes, when I notice it, I can sometimes keep from doing it for a while. Of course, as with the "looking attentive" thing described above, it takes the majority of my concentration, and eventually, the ... whatever it is in my brain that makes me do it will win and I'll do it anyway, usually even more than I would have if I didn't try to control it. And, like the earlier examples, I will not have been able to pay attention to anything else the entire time, as all my attention was devoted to not shaking my head. And why, again? Oh yeah - To keep you from being uncomfortable and/or feeling like I wasn't paying attention.


There are differing views on whether it is considered a "disorder", if it does not significantly impair one's activities of daily living. Newer schools of thought use the term, "obsessive/compulsive personality", if a person has enough of the traits, but they do not unduly interfere with their life. I'm on board with that! In fact, I prefer the term one clinician offered several years ago: "detail oriented". That reads more like a resume skill than a defect! I like it! And, despite the fact that those of us who have an especially high degree of attention to detail can truly be annoying to those who don't, there is no denying that it truly IS also a valuable skill in the right situations!

In summary:

I can dial back on many of the traits associated with my various "conditions", but it isn't my first instinct or impulse. I need reminders and often have to make a concerted attempt to do so. That is MUCH more true when I do not, personally see a benefit to or logic in doing so. The fact that someone says I "should" is NOT a logical reason, to my mind to make the often immense efforts to change something that works just fine for me

This isn't about me being selfish or self centred. It is about how my brain is wired, and how I process information. That means that I tend to need things having to do with emotional sorts of things spelled out to me at the base level in order to see the reason in them, even if they are not strictly logical.

I don't routinely do illogical things just to make my self have fluffy feelings, so it does not occur to me that I should do so for anyone else either. Not because I'm an egotistical jerk, but because I don't feel any lacking for these fluffy feelings myself, and I have difficulty remembering that other people do. When I am reminded - nicely, in a non-accusatory manner, I am almost always happy to make the effort. 

And I'll already feel bad for not remembering (yet again), when reminded nicely. So you don't need to rub it in. No, really, DON'T fucking rub it in! It won't help me remember the next time. It will just make me feel like the most worthless and horrible piece of shit person on the planet - until I forget again. And if that is something you feel ok about doing, well, we cannot be friends, because you're a worthless and horrible piece of shit person.

Thursday 1 July 2021

Music, Madness & Mayhem ~ Playlist & Recorded Show ~ 2021.06.30

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Listen to the entire recorded show here.


  1. Naked City - Osaka Bondage (01:18)
  2. George Michael - Faith (Remastered 2006) (03:15)
  3. Beginners - Can't Get Enough (JR JR Remix) (04:24)
  4. Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) (03:08)
  5. Sister Sledge - We Are Family. (Extended) (08:31)
  6. KC & The Sunshine Band - Keep It Comin' Love (04:31)
  7. Nickelback - How You Remind Me (03:44)
  8. The Prodigy - Firestarter (04:39)
  9. Imagine Dragons - Believer (03:22)
  10. Creep (ft. Haley Reinhart) - Postmodern Jukebox [Radiohead Cover] (04:55)
  11. Dulce Pontes - Canção do Mar (05:18)
  12. Ugly Kid Joe - Cats In The Cradle (04:15)
  13. The Who - Baba O'riley (05:06)
  14. Soul Asylum - Runaway Train (04:22)
  15. Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (04:02)
  16. Weird Al - Headline News (03:48)
  17. Make It So ("Let It Go" Star Trek parody) ( 2:52)
  18. A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (03:57)
  19. The Clash - Train in Vain (Stand by Me) (03:12)
  20. Alphaville - Forever Young (03:37)
  21. Marcy Playground - Sex And Candy (02:52)
  22. Air Supply - All Out Of Love (03:50)
  23. Omnia - Cernunnos (04:15)
  24. Billy Joel - Tell Her About It (04:19)
  25. Ariana Grande - Into You (04:04)
  26. Uncle Kracker - Smile (03:38)
  27. Lyon Bros Band Kids - Baby Shark (Band Pop) (00:24)
  28. Lyon Bros Band Kids - Baby Shark (Funk) (00:30)

Metal Mayhem X Playlist & Recorded Show ~ 2021.06.29

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Unfortunately, the show got cut off before the entire second EP played, but it was still a great time! 

Listen to the entire recorded show here.

Featured Full EPs
I'll Be Your Hero EP
Rhapsody Of Fire
Released: June 4, 2021

Label: AFMRecords

Half Past Human EP
Cirith Ungol
Released: May 28, 2021

Label: Metal Blade Records


  1. Accept - No Ones Master (04:10)
  2. Crypta - Kali (04:33)
  3. Manowar - Warriors Of The World United (Live - Monsters Of Rock - Brazil 2015) (06:42)
  4. Einherjer - Listen to the Graves (06:55)
  5. Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (04:31)
  6. Dragony - Viribus Unitis (03:43)
  7. Chalice Of Sin - Ashes Of The Black Rose (03:59)
  8. Flotsam And Jetsam - The Wicked Hour (04:56)
  9. Korpiklaani - Juuret (06:18)
  10. Labyrinth - The Absurd Circus (06:34)
  11. Everdawn - Toledo 712 A.D (02:25)
  12. Many Suffer - The Trees Die Standing (05:56)
  13. Sirenia - Beneath The Midnight Sun (04:43)
  14. Saxon - Hold The Line (03:47)
  15. Nightfall - Martyrs Of The Cult Of The Dead (Agita) (04:20)
  16. Impaled Nazarene - The Nonconformists (02:39)
  17. Epica - Twilight Reverie - The Hypnagogic State (04:29)
  18. Winterage - Chain Of Heaven (05:14)
  19. Heart Healer - Mesmerized (05:17)
  20. Timo Tolkki's Avalon - The Fire And The Sinner Feat. Jake E, Brittney Slayes (03:23)
  21. Therion - Great Marquis Of Hell (02:36)
  22. Van Canto - Run To The Hills (04:00)
  23. Moonspell - Without Rule (07:42)
  24. Deathstars - Metal (03:51)
  25. Rhapsody Of Fire - I'll Be Your Hero (04:19)
  26. Rhapsody Of Fire - Where Dragons Fly (04:34)
  27. Rhapsody Of Fire - Rain Of Fury (Live) (04:22)
  28. Rhapsody Of Fire - The Courage To Forgive (Live) (05:07)
  29. Rhapsody Of Fire - The Wind, The Rain And The Moon (05:19)
  30. Rhapsody Of Fire - Sin Un Adios (05:19)
  31. Rhapsody Of Fire - Senza Un Addio (05:19)
  32. Rhapsody Of Fire - La Force De Me Battre (05:19)
  33. Cirith Ungol - Route 666 (05:05)
  34. Cirith Ungol - Shelob's Lair (05:34)