Friday 14 July 2023

keres IRC profile (archived)


(Not changed to reflect slave status on IRC)  
This post is left up for historical purposes, in order to chronicle my journey with full transparency. Due to no longer being on the chat server in question, as of 2023.08.15, the "collar" is no longer necessary. More information regarding how it came about can be found here. I am most grateful to Kharenden for the guidance, protection, and oversight he provided for the month I was "collared" to his room.
  • My real life name is Khaos, however, my name on IRC is now keres{PnH}. I'm 51, and live in the Pacific Northwest, North of Seattle.
  • On IRC, I am now in a room collar, restricted to social service only and said service is allowed solely in #Pain-&-Humiliation. General chat, as in conversations, banter, and the like, including in PM, is fine. If there are any issues or questions which cannot be resolved simply by talking with me, please contact Kharenden. (If you don't know who that is, and/or need contact information, I will provide it at need) This does not extend beyond the confines of IRC, per Sir's wishes/orders. Otherwise, I am still a free agent, with all the rights which accompany that status, until and unless the room collar changes to an actual owner beyond IRC. 
  • It is still my hope to eventually find a man who will permit me to be free in status, though submitted to him in most things, rather than outright owned/collared. If you are a dominant man, interested in an authority and protocol oriented (as opposed to sexual, relationship, or romance oriented) D/s dynamic, I am looking for something pretty specific, so, if you are interested, please read this first, to be sure you are actually interested. 
  • If you are a kajira, seeking a mistress, you may be interested in this post.
  • DO NOT PM me looking for kink, sex, wank fodder, "asl", cybering, hookups, or any type of online sexual service. I am not interested or allowed.
  • I have NO sexual or romantic interest in submissive males. At all. Period. No, you are not the exception, no matter how good you think you are.
  • The ONLY use I may have for an additional male slave is a beast of burden who will take care of the heavier manual labour which has become too much for my slave boy.
  • If I am on a chat server, it is because I am looking for intelligent conversation or to chat in specific rooms, not because I am "bored".
  • I will not carry the conversation for you if you messaged me. If you want to talk about something interesting, great. It's up to you to come up with something engaging.
  • I'm not really into role play, outside of RPGs, and have no interest whatsoever in cyber sex or "play"/cyber BDSM, nor am I permitted to engage in such.
  • I am working on becoming more comfortable and skilled with role play serving (as in pretend food and drink service, and similar) and room/channel protocol stuff, as a service in itself, so feel free to approach in rooms for that.  
If you want to know quite a bit more about me and the specifics of what I am seeking, especially if you would like to avoid being ignored, blocked, trolled, or mocked, you should read my full profile and linked writings Here. I put quite a lot of time and effort into writing those, so I wouldn't have to have the same, old, stale Q&A sessions over and over.
Any unsolicited nastygrams, copypasta, idiocy or otherwise unrequired and unrequited nonsense that finds its way to my PM can and likely will be shared with all and sundry and mocked with liberal abandon thereof. Sending me such unsolicited nonsense is considered consent to such action. Be completely and thoroughly aware that your ineptitude could be spread across the internet and become fodder for the amusement of others before you deign to waste your time and mine with idiocy. My PM is not a free for all for moronic stupidity.