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Full Chat/BDSM profile

 (Updated 2023.02.09) 
(minor edits & added MBTI/Enneagram info)
 Please click here before barging into my inbox/PM, dick first!
It gives precise instructions on how to get a POSITIVE response from me.
  Failure to do so will likely result in no or a negative response.

I put a lot of time and effort into writing a detailed profile, which answers most of the "basic" questions, for the primary purpose of avoiding the same, old, stale Q&A sessions for the umpteenth time. 

"I don't read profiles. I'd rather get to know you by talking to you"
 translates to, 
"I'm to lazy to do the minimum to actually get to know you, and am not really interested in you as a full person, cause it gets in the way of my selfish goals". 

If you just want wank fodder, cyber play, or to otherwise treat me like a sex worker, feel free to skip the profile and visit my sessions page. If you are actually interested in getting to know me, please read on! 

 My name is Khaos.

I am 51. I am not a "Domme" or a "sub", and I am absolutely not your fetish dispenser. I am a free woman, with a naturally dominant personality and submissive tendencies, who knows her place in the order of nature. This means that I am conditionally deferential/submissive to free, dominant men, and may more fully submit to certain men, at my own discretion. I usually use "Sir", as a term of respect and manners, rather than a specific "honorific", and will be deferential and generally respectful to free men until/unless they give me cause to withdraw it, at which time, I will do my best to remain civil, at the very least. That said, my patience is not infinite.

 I am not submissive to women. If you are a FW, domme, mistress, etc, I will treat you with respect as an equal so long as you remain worthy of such. Please do not push the issue - just accept this and move on. 

Please note that this relates who and what I AM, regardless of what BDSM activities or D/s roles I enjoy.

I don't give out my phone number, Skype, or any other personal contact information to strangers. If I haven't gotten to know you well enough to feel comfortable doing so, that means you are a stranger. If I do feel I know you well enough, then I will offer it to you. If you push the issue, that will tell me that you do not respect boundaries.

I'm into music more than anything else, whether it's making it, listening to it, thinking about it or talking about it. Music is the one thing in the world, without which, I think I would just shrivel up and cease to exist. I listen to about anything, but my passion is metal! Melodic death, black metal, power metal, Viking metal, thrash, speed, operatic/symphonic/epic metal...All things metal!
Some favourite bands in no particular order

I tend to be a bit of an introvert.
This isn't to say that I don't like people.. On the contrary, I love people, as long as it's in moderation. I can be very social and a total "people person" for a reasonable period of time, but then I need to go isolate in my cave for a while and get my solitude fix. A lot of people don't like that about me and feel I'm antisocial. Those who are worth my time will accept that it is part of what makes me me.
I am very open minded and respectful of almost any/all beliefs, but do not tolerate hate or bigotry in any form at all in my presence (Note that I do not hold ANYTHING too sacred to joke about.. I am talking about attitudes of actual intolerance).
Pretty much the only parts of any belief systems I have a problem with are the idea that everyone else is wrong and anything that harms others.
As for my own beliefs, they are many and varied.

There are many things I identify as. These include, but are not limited to: Metalhead, Gorean, biker, hippie, warrior, spiritual, teacher/mentor, student, queer, geek, poly, kinky, pansexual, neuro-divergent, recovering alcoholic/addict (this means I do not drink alcohol or do any recreational substances, period), Grandma, prepper, dog mom, and much more. I am a INTJ and an Enneagram 8w7.
Labels are a convenience. They may help to explain me, but do not define me. 

I am fat, muscular, heavily tattooed, pierced, sarcastic, snarky, irreverently reverent, opinionated, have never met a topic I won't (intelligently, logically, and without personal attacks) debate/argue, and otherwise unfit for what some consider, "polite company". That said, I am more than capable of presenting myself well and acting like a lady in truly polite, non bigoted company - as in, don't expect me to hide who or what I am, but I also don't feel the need to be "in your face" about it.

Consent, honesty, mindfulness and integrity are words to live by in my world, and an absolute, non negotiable requirement for being in any sort of relationship or dynamic with me. 

I'm most likely to mesh well with other INTJ or similar types.

Things I enjoy doing, things I'm good at, things I like to think about...

My Myers Briggs Type Indicator (INTJ) Full results

Some more of my favourite things   

My Big Five Aspects Scale Personality Assessment Scores

The Six Things I Could Never Do Without
Link to my FetLife profile


I am NOT looking for hookups, FWB, sex, sexual play, cyber, "erotic encounters", romance, or anything of the sort with men.If you want conversation and potentially non sexual service, cool. If you want any of the previous, look elsewhere.

  • I have NO sexual or romantic interest in submissive males. At all. Period. No, you are not the exception, no matter how good you think you are.
  • The ONLY use I may have for an additional male slave is a beast of burden who will take care of the heavier manual labour which has become too much for my slave boy.

I will not cohabit with or relocate for anyone. Period. This is not negotiable.

 I am actively seeking:

  • An authority and protocol oriented (as opposed to sexually oriented) D/s dynamic, with a strong focus on motivating me to develop and maintain good habits, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, in addition to service and BDSM aspects, as applicable. I am looking for something pretty specific, so, if you are interested, please read this first, to be sure you are actually interested.
  •  Great, stimulating conversation on any number of topics - as long as they are things you could bring up with a complete stranger in person without getting dirty looks, a drink in your face, or slapped. (NO, "stimulating" is not code for "erotic" or anything similar)
  • A lesbian or bisexual kajira (female slave) who is local to the Greater Seattle area or able to relocate. Potential kajirae should read this post in full before contacting me.
  • A house girl or boy (local to the Greater Seattle area or able to relocate) to assist with the heavier domestic duties, which have become too much for my boy, as he ages. Would be applicants should read this post in full before contacting me.
I am open to
  • Meeting people with whom I connect spiritually, emotionally, mentally and philosophically and exploring conversation, gaming, friendship, and non sexual fun.
  • New, female partners for (real life - not online!) play, dating, and potentially more.
 I am provisionally open to:
  • Bottoming for real life (not cyber/role play) BDSM play, with or without a D/s and/or service element. (Please note that "BDSM play" ≠ "kinky sex". If you are looking to get your dick wet, please move along. I'm not the droid you're looking for!)

Just for the sake of "truth in advertising", I tend to be a bit of a social flake. What this means.

I absolutely take responsibility and ownership of and for for my own actions, quirks, traits, shortcomings and insecurities and just as absolutely refuse to take responsibility or ownership for/of yours or those of any other adult. I am compassionate, but believe in tough love and doing one's own footwork, so if you invite me to your pity party, expect me to bring party favours laden with brutal truth.
You have been warned! ;)

Put this stupid cat on your profile to show that you will post any fucking
..../\„,„/\ thing on your profile that people tell you to.
...( =';'= ) If you are Sydney University, you don't have permission
..../♥♥\ to post this cat anywhere at all because it is on my profile.
..(.|.|..|.|.) This is TOTALLY legally binding and stuff, so you
totally have to do what I say! Seriously! I mean it! Hey! Where are
you goi........ Dammit! Not again!

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