Thursday 10 April 2014

Pansexual? What does that even mean?

For me, it means that my sexual preferences are not limited to one, or even two genders.
In fact, much of the time, it isn't even about gender at all.

I am attracted to people I find attractive. The people I find attractive are not the sum of their parts and/or their gender or lack of gender.

I'm attracted to sexy brains!

I'm attracted to hot people and activities.
Hot is subjective. If I think it's hot, then it is.

I like bits too.
I like tits. I like ass, especially nice, round, juicy, bouncy, shaking ass! (but not anus) I like pussy. I like cock. I like that spot just under the ear. I like necks, backs, thighs, backs of knees, the soft flesh of the inner elbow... I like bodies and responsive flesh in general.

Those bodies and bits don't need to match up to other people's gender perceptions for me to enjoy them or to enjoy the people of whom they are a part.

I like finding and exploiting erogenous zones. I especially love it when it turns out to be an erogenous zone the person never even knew they had! I love doing things with body bits. I like putting body parts into other body parts. I love doing things to make a partner lose control, gasp, squirm, say things or make sounds they never would have imagined, moan, scream, forget how to speak. I love having those things done to me.

Sometimes I'm attracted to a specific person(s) only at a particular time or in a certain context.

Sometimes it's the activity I'm hot for or attracted to.

My sexual orientation is whatever sharing of sexual and sensual pleasure I engage in.

For more specific information about playing with me, and how I tend to play with different genders, look here.

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