My Favourite Music

As I've said on just about every profile, on every site on which I've created one, I'm into music more than anything else, whether it's making it, listening to it, thinking about it or talking about it. Music is the one thing in the world that, without which, I think I would just shrivel up and cease to exist. I listen to about anything, and love lots of different kinds of music but my passion is metal! Melodic death, black metal, power metal, Viking metal, thrash, speed, operatic/symphonic/epic metal...All things metal!

I've created several Pandora Radio stations, which reflect my diverse tastes. Click here to see them. Or go straight to MetalDen Radio, if you prefer.

Some favourite bands in no particular order:

    In Flames; Samael; Opeth; Blind Guardian; Nightwish; Angra; Arch Enemy; Dissection; Lacuna Coil; Emperor; Nile; Dark Tranquillity; At The Gates; Bal Sagoth; Savatage; Enthroned; Children of Bodom; The Haunted; Sonata Arctica; The Crown; Abandoned; Demons & Wizards; Iced Earth; Odes of Ecstasy; Edge of Sanity; Soilwork; Jag Panzer; Hammerfall; Sinergy; Haggard; Cynic; Nocturnal Rites; Symphony X; Old Man's Child; Killswitch Engage; Entombed; Death; Nightingale; Angel Dust; Manowar; Rhapsody; Night In Gales; Epica; Within Temptation; Dream Theater; Theatre of Tragedy; Carcass; Gardenian; Gandalf; Chastisement; Borknagar; Naglfar; Rotting Christ; Keep Of Kalessin; Enter My Silence; Internal Bleeding; King Diamond; Dimmu Borgir; Hypocrisy; Nightingale; Ceremonial Castings; Gift of Prophecy; Dragonforce; Cradle of Filth; Raventhrone; Amon Amarth; Sentenced; Morbid Angel; Virgin Steele; Kamelot; Einherjer; Leaves Eyes; My Dying Bride; Sabaton; Amorphis; Korpiklaani; Armageddon; Paradise Lost; Deicide; Dethklok; Therion; Graveworm; Grave; Kataklysm; Melechesh; Stratovarius; Northern Kings; Van Canto; ...

There are a lot more, and that's only the metal!
Here is an equally incomplete list of some of my non-metal favourites, again, in no particular order:

 Heather Alexander/Alexander James Adams; The Mamas and Papa's; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Peter, Paul & Mary; Kansas; Led Zeppelin; Black Sabbath; Pink Floyd; El Debarge; Madonna (her older stuff, anyway); Simon & Garfunkel; Mortis; Run DMC; Fat Boys; Doug E. Fresh; Shania Twain; Garth Brooks; Randy Travis; DVDA; Bangles, Karen Carpenter; John Denver; Savage Garden; Gaia Consort; Allison Crowe; Enya; Loreena McKennitt; The Real McKenzies; The Wicked Tinkers; The Dropkick Murphys; Whitesnake; Bon Jovi; White Lion; Ravi Shankar; Robbie Robertson; David & Steve Gordon; Ice Cube; Beastie Boys; Jonathan Coulton; Two Nice Girls; Uncle Bonsai; Tim Minchin; They Might Be Giants; Bloodhound Gang; King Missle; Tism; The Whitlams; Crowded House; ...(more!)

And a TON more that I can't think of offhand or that are individual songs rather than the artist in general. I dig country, classical, opera, oldies, folk, old skool rap & R&B, celtic, native, and .. well.. pretty much everything other than most "alternative", grunge, gangsta rap and modern pop.

I'll try to keep this vaguely updated over time, but no promises. 

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