Sunday, 27 November 2016

IRC Profile

So, here's a quick "about me" before you make assumptions and barge into my PM box with them.

  • My name is Khaos. I'm 45 and live in the Seattle area.
  • Please DO NOT PM me looking for kink, sex, wank fodder, "asl", cybering, or hookups. I am not interested. 
  • I'm not really into role play, outside of RPGs, however,  I am working on learning to put RP to use as a means of service to those who find such pleasing.
  • I have NO sexual or romantic interest in submissive males. At all. Period. No, you are not the exception, no matter how good you think you are.
  • If I am on a chat server, it is because I am looking for intelligent conversation or to chat in specific rooms, not because I am "bored". 
If you want to know quite a bit more about me, you should probably read my full profile and linked writings on FetLife. I put quite a lot of time and effort into writing those, so I wouldn't have to have the same, old, stale Q&A sessions over and over. 

Any unsolicited nastygrams, copypasta, idiocy or otherwise unrequired and unrequited nonsense that finds its way to my PM can and likely will be shared with all and sundry and mocked with liberal abandon thereof. Sending me such unsolicited nonsense is considered consent to such action. Be completely and thoroughly aware that your ineptitude could be spread across the internet and become fodder for the amusement of others before you deign to waste your time and mine with idiocy. My PM is not a free for all for moronic stupidity.