Sunday 12 March 2017

House boy/girl

My boy has lost the ability to safely carry out many of the more labour intensive tasks he used to do. As such, I am in the market for a house slave or sub, to pick up the slack.

I have a primary slave who is, and will likely remain, First Boy (AKA alpha slave).

(I am also actively seeking a lesbian or bisexual kajira (female slave) to add to my household as a personal slave. Click here  for more information regarding that position.)

Applicants wishing to be considered will:
  • Take the time and effort to read this post, and my Full Profile in their entirety, before attempting to move on to discussing the possibility of serving me.
  • Write a well worded, polite, and concise introduction, using proper spelling (UK or US spellings are fine, and if English is not your first language, that will be taken into consideration. It is the effort I am concerned with!), grammar, capitalisation and punctuation, telling me why you wish to serve me and what qualifications, skills, and/or traits you possess.
  • Be rigorously and entirely honest; Both with me and in all areas of their lives. (Note: This does NOT mean giving out your personal information before we are ready to move to that level! That is simply foolish, and I have no use for a stupid or foolish slave!)
  • Have a sincere desire to serve, please, and obey.
  • Practice good personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Be drama free.
  • Have and maintain their own living quarters. This will not be a live-in position.
  • Be mature and capable of independence.
  • Like, and be able to be around animals, especially dogs. 
  • Not try to "usurp", or  otherwise displace my first slave in any way. He was here first, and his position will be respected. 
  • Be physically able to perform heavier household duties, requiring manual labour, on a regular basis.

My house slave/sub will primarily perform domestic duties and assist my personal slave(s) with such. Domestic service will include things such as cleaning, organizing, yard work, household repairs, doing any lifting, carrying, and heavy work associated with building or assembling furniture, and the like. Depending on circumstances, I MAY choose, at my discretion, to permit the house slave to perform more personal tasks for me and/or my personal slave(s), however, this should not be expected, nor will it be required if personal service is not for you.

This position is very much focussed on service for the sake of service, more so than usual. Occasional BDSM play is a  possibility, however, priority for that goes to personal slaves. Knowing that I am pleased with your work should be your biggest motivation. 

I am willing to accept a slave or a full or part time sub for this position. 
The difference is that a slave will be owned, fully, with all the loss of rights that entails; A full time sub will have certain rules and expectations always in place, whether or not they are in my presence, and a part time sub will only be expected to submit to and obey during scheduled times with me. 

Either way, when in my presence, I  expect obedience, not necessarily without question, though without undue hesitation or unnecessary questioning, and to provide me, promptly, with any information that is relevant to the situation.
I also expect respect and deference to be shown to me at all times.

Prior training is not necessary, although it is definitely a plus. A sincere desire to learn, obey, and be pleasing is far more important to me than prior training. I will train you to suit my preferences, either way.

Bear in mind that your position will exist in order to make MY life more pleasant and convenient, not yours. I would like my sub/slave to be fulfilled by their service to me, however, it is not about you. It is about ME.
I am not interested in solving all your problems for you, relieving you of your responsibilities as an adult, or excessive micromanaging.
 That said, I will provide guidance, encouragement, and support in areas of self improvement, with the expectation that you will do the footwork required.

Any potential slave will be interviewed and we will communicate online, followed by telephone contact, to see if it seems like we are compatible.
If it seems likely, we will arrange to meet in a neutral and public location, where we will talk further and get to know one another a bit more. If that meeting is productive and positive, we will meet again, as many times as needed for both of us to feel comfortable moving to the next level.
If all that goes well, the slave will undergo a probation period, during which, they will receive training and will serve me as though in my collar, until such a time as it is determined a more long-term situation is in order. 

I do not take ownership lightly, nor do I stand for "Velcro collars".
Once the collar is on, it is on. If it comes off, it stays off. (This does not apply to temporary, physical removal, as may be needed for medical or other purposes.)

Questions in response to this post are welcome, AFTER you have read the entire post and my profile, to see if your question has already been answered.

Responses that contain "net speak", lack of punctuation, S/slashy T/typing, or rudeness will likely be ignored, as will questions that are already answered in this post or my profile.

**While the parts of your appearance that you have no immediate control over are largely unimportant, I insist that you make the effort to properly bathe and groom yourself routinely, and wear clean clothing. I understand that many of us cannot afford "nice" clothing, but it doesn't cost anything to make the effort to present oneself by making sure that you, and what you have is clean and neat!

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