Sunday 5 March 2017

The chain is broken

Dear abusive, controlling, bigoted, pathetic waste of oxygen and flesh,

Your methods don't work any more.
They don't work on me, our daughters, or, most especially, our grandchildren.
You are reaping what you have sown, and your former victims have all woken up to our/their own worth and truth.
We will no longer accept blame or responsibility for your or any other adult's actions.
We will not allow you to wield our old, misplaced guilt as a weapon.
We do not accept your world view of what is "right", "normal", or "sane". You have never modelled behaviour that is any of those things, nor have you demonstrated any evidence that you even know what those things mean.
We see your threats as what they are - the feeble blustering of a school yard bully who has finally been stood up to and is long past their prime.
We are no longer afraid of you.
We will not walk on eggshells, careful not to anger you, for fear of what you might do in retaliation.
You have no power over us, or anyone but yourself - if that.
You are a hypocrite of the highest order - accusing your daughter of "abusing" her daughter, by respecting her identity, in the same breath as spewing vile, profane insults against your own child, as you have since she was small, for the crime of not being cowed by your threats.
You attribute going against your will to "mental illness", and tell her to "break the chain".
News flash! The chain is broken!
You were the weak link.
You had a choice. You had love and support. You could have chosen a different path and broken the cycle yourself. You chose instead to continue it.

We have moved on to live in the light and revel in truth and freedom, while you choose to remain in the dark, dank cage of your own creation, moving toward your inevitable, lonely, miserable death.
Like your father before you, you will be destined to die totally alone even if surrounded by your family, a thing to be pitied, rather than feared, let alone respected.
Your legacy will be your children's relief that you are gone, even though they may grieve what might have been, had you chosen differently.

We are not broken. We are whole. We have chosen life. We are not and will not be victims.

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