Saturday 10 July 2021

"You Know What I meant" (Things You Should Never Say to ND People)


 I swear to all that is holy, I get SO fucking tired of people saying stupid shit to me (or anyone) because of their own mental landscape and assumptions about mine/"everybody's"!

There are ALL kinds of reasons someone might not understand the world, language, customs, culture, "truths", or anything else in the same ways. Some of those reasons have to do with being from different places, socio-economic classes, or other different types of upbringings, and some of them have to do with brain wiring. 

I am specifically referring to ND people here, but really, why would you say this kind of thing to anyone, as though you can read their thoughts and feelings?

So, what follows is a beginning list of things you should not say to people unless you are DAMN sure you are correct (Based on empirical fact, not your assumptions, filters, or feelings!). And once you are sure, double and triple check. Or, just don't assume, period. There's an idea!

  • You know what I meant.
  • Everybody knows that. 
  • That is obvious.
  • Don't be obtuse.
  • Don't play dumb.
  • You're so smart. You couldn't possibly [insert dumbass assumption here].
  • You're just being lazy
  • If it were a priority, you would remember. 
  • You have selective [memory loss/hearing/reading/understanding/etc]. 
  • You obviously [insert dumbass assumption here].
This is most certainly an incomplete list, and I will add to it as needed. If you have something to add to it, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. This happens with adults, and it happens so much with children. Adults assume that other children are taught the same things or worse, that other children have the same life experiences and mental and medical situation as their children.