Thursday 8 July 2021

Do you really need to bug out? (probably not)


We have our go bags, bug out bags and vehicles, plans, locations, checkpoints, drop points, and all, but the likelihood, for many of us, is that we will never actually have to  completely "bug out", or "get out of Dodge". 

That doesn't mean we shouldn't have them though, 

More likely, we'll run into some of life's little (or not so little) snags, and our preparations will make them into minor inconveniences or slight changes in plans, rather than major mishaps. 

Having a bug out/get home bag in your primary vehicle (whether or not that is also your BOV) means that if you get caught out somewhere with car trouble, severe weather, a closed, washed out, or otherwise blocked only way to your destination, or any other issue, you've got food, water, hygiene supplies, warm bedding of some kind, and extra clothing to see you through comfortably until you can get home. 
Even if you have the means to get a hotel for the night and eat out/order in whenever the need arises, and there happens to be something close enough to your location, and they have vacancies/are open, AND if they actually have all you technically need, even with no overnight bag or whatever, you are going to have a much nicer time if you have your own toothbrush, change of clothes (especially if yours got soaked or filthy), and something quick and easy to eat.

Having your go bag at the ready in an easy to grab spot in your home ensures that if you need to travel on short notice; maybe to babysit for a friend, fly to an ill or injured relative, take a colleague's place at a convention, or even get invited to an event on short notice, not to mention any number of other possible scenarios, you only have to throw a few trip specific items in, if anything, rather than spend your limited time packing at the last minute. Then you can spend the time you have on making sure other things go smoothly, and avoid extra stress, knowing you have everything you need, because you weren't packing at the last minute, probably haphazardly, and almost definitely forgetting at least one important item. And don't forget the go bags/inclusions for pets and kids too, whether they are going with you, or have to be picked up by or dropped off with a sitter or something on your way to your destination!

So, just like I say in my more comprehensive, It's probably not the Zombie Apocalypse post, from a few years ago, "being prepared frequently means the  difference between an emergency or survival situation and an inconvenience. In true disaster conditions, it can mean the difference between surviving and not."

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