Thursday 5 October 2017

It's probably not the Zombie Apocalypse! (Realistic SHTF scenarios for regular people)

"Khaos is waiting for the zombie apocalypse! LOLOLOLOL!"

"We'll all just come to your house when the world ends! Harharhar!"

"Don't you mean BUNKER? Trololololol"

"She runs a Costco on the side! Hahaha!" 

Yup. Hilarity! I routinely hear these, and all sorts of other knee-slapping, solid bronze comedic content from friends and family.

The sad fact is, most "ordinary" people, it seems, still view stocking up beyond next week, having emergency supplies on hand, knowing how to do things without modern conveniences (and having the tools and materials to do so!), are silly, pessimistic, foolish, "asking for trouble" (WHAT!?), or downright crazy. Somehow, they equate being prepared for any eventuality with hoping for or hastening some looming, doomsday scenario.

Reality check, folks:
Being unprepared for an emergency won't keep one from happening! All it does is make you and those who depend on you more likely to suffer the consequences.

Being prepared frequently means the  difference between an emergency or survival situation and an inconvenience. In true disaster conditions, it can mean the difference between surviving and not.

If your car dies on the side of the road and you've gotta wait a couple hours for assistance, it could mean you have a "bathroom", plenty of water (and coffee!), something to snack on, protection from the weather, and maybe something to keep the kids (and grownups) entertained while you wait.

If the power goes out right before supper, it could mean you can still have a good meal, instead of scrounging for something that doesn't need electricity to prepare or having to go out to get something.

If the roads, power, and water are out in a good sized area for a few days or a week and you have taken the trouble to even stock up on a few days worth of food, water, extra medications, an outdoor cooking method, candles and/or battery powered lighting, and a few other supplies, things may be a little uncomfortable, but you're going to be just fine. Conversely, those people who refuse to plan ahead even in the slightest will have a true emergency on their hands. Not only are their own lives and well being, and that of their dependents, in danger. No - their (in)actions have endangered countless others as well. They've placed additional burden on their neighbours, communities, and emergency services. Now, rather than just having to worry about getting needed services and care to those who legitimately rely on electricity, special equipment, and such for medical reasons, first responders and rescue personnel have to spend precious moments and supplies bailing out some asshole who had the means to look after themselves, and chose not to. If it were up to me, I'd probably let them hang! Oh.. I'd take in their young kids and pets if I could, since they didn't have a say in the matter. The idiots though - those same folks who laugh the loudest about how stupid "preppers" are? They'd be on their own! Cause guess what? Nope. You're NOT coming to my house (or bunker, or BOL, or...) when the SHTF! And if you decide to try anyway, just remember your "Rambo" wisecracks regarding my gear, training, "paranoia", and defences, and think again.

Those few who happen to have been in my company when things have gone wrong... who enjoyed hot food and coffee, clean water, warmth, a safe and comfortable place to sleep, and that sort of thing when they would have otherwise been cold, hungry, afraid, and otherwise ill prepared when power or water has gone out, a vehicle has broken down in the middle of nowhere, roads have become impassable and the city (transit, emergency services, power, stores and other businesses closed) basically shut down, and the like, no longer join in the heckling. Of course, they don't risk being lumped in with the "loony" by standing up and saying anything either, but that's ok for now. Ya can't win 'em all!

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