Tuesday 31 October 2017

Trick or Treat!!

Why do I have to choose? I want everyone to do neat tricks for my amusement whilst giving me treats! Is that really so much to ask?

It's great finally having a place of my own again so I can decorate for the holidays, and Samhain/Halloween/All Hallows Eve/whatever you want to call it is my absolute favourite of them all! 

I got started with just a couple things, and added throughout the month. Next year, I'll have all my belongings unpacked and will be able to have a better setup, and I eventually plan on having decor to rival some of my Halloween scenes of old (olde?). 

Of course, I don't have a late 1800s built, big house anymore like I did back then, so no spooky eyes staring from an attic window, or blacklighted porch with creepy sounds. It's all smaller scale.

 On the other hand, technology has come a LONNNNG way, and supplies are a click away nowadays, so it's a trade off. 

I LOVE Amazon! They sell everything!

This was the first time I made Jack-O-NOT-Lanterns.
AKA, drawing the faces on instead of carving the pumpkin.
 It's also the first time I thought to use other squash in addition to pumpkins for decorating purposes. I have NO idea why I never thought of that before!
 Yes... Yes that kitty-cat-o-not-a-lantern DOES say, "Happy Meow-Loween". And  yes, I AM aware of just how terrible that is. Look at the kitty! Now, think of the bad joke again!
You're welcome.
The butternut Jack is meant to be wearing a top hat. It's the first time I've attempted to draw a top hat - EVER - let alone drawing it on a non flat surface. 
Ahh well. I still think it turned out looking alright.  

At least the face looks cool. Maybe I'll use paints instead of just Sharpies next time.

All in all, not a bad setup on limited time and supplies, I think. 

 I had been planning  a pretty elaborate Queen of Hearts costume since last year, and then wound up having my stuff held hostage for almost 5 months after I moved.
 Unfortunately, by the time I FINALLY got everything, it was far too late to finish constructing it, so I had to throw something together at the last minute. 

Add funky socks, a weird wig, and some makeup to a dress I already had, and it's a costume! I couldn't tell you what, exactly, I'm meant to be.

 A witch, perhaps? I dunno. Either way, I got lots of compliments on the costume, and I had FUN! So, I'm happy. 

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