Thursday 19 November 2009

Foot Service

I enjoy full service pedicures, with much pampering for my feet, and without any expectations of sexual contact in any form. This is not to say that such would be always absolutely out of the question, with the right girl, but it should be assumed that it is, unless I tell you different.
This should include:
  • soak
  • scrub
  • pumice
  • massage (before, during, after, all of the above is all good!) with nice oils
  • nail trimming/shaping
  • moisturising
It can include:
  • nail buffing, polishing, conditioning, etc. 
  • pedicure (I have everything needed for full gel/"shellac" mani/pedi, in many colours, including lots of nail art/bling supplies)
  • leg massage (Highly encouraged!)
  • Paraffin wax  (I have wax and bags)
  • .... Open to negotiation, if you have other ideas.
There will be ABSOLUTELY NO:
  • Licking, sucking, slobbering on, nibbling, chewing, or otherwise putting your mouth on my feet!
( This pretty well sums up my thoughts on that, just to be very clear! )
... With the possible exception of minimal, LIGHT, not slobbery, kissing on the tops of them with lips only and my permission.

  • Humping my feet.
  • Rubbing or excessively "resting" my feet on your genitals.
  • Trying to cop a feel or massaging your way up to my genital region, without my express consent. (note.. That doesn't mean starting to do so and then asking, "is that okay?". It means not going there, at all, unless I ask you to and you consent to it.)
  • trying to obligate me to do something for you in return. If simply being of service doesn't do it for you, you need not apply.
  • Doing anything to you unless I decide to, without being badgered about it, and you have already consented to such.
In short, foot service is an experience that should be completely relaxing and pleasurable for me. I do not want to have to be on guard or tense, because I have to keep tabs on telling you that your hands are too close to my pussy, or that I really don't want my foot massaged with your cock/balls/pussy/tits/mouth, or feel annoyed cause you are trying to play with my tits, rather than massaging me.
This is not about you. It is about me. It is about providing a service with no expectation other than my gratitude (no, "gratitude" is not code for a blowjob!!) and praise for a job well done. I MAY choose to reward you in some fashion, but am not obligated to do so.

(If you read all this and you are interested, please do feel free to send me a polite message, here or on whichever site where you initially "found" me)

I do realize that some of this may come off as a bit defensive, however, believe me, ALL the things listed on the no list are things that I have, not once or twice, but repeatedly - nearly every damn time someone has offered massage/foot service - encountered. I'm just tired of it! For those who wouldn't dream of being so crass, it isn't directed at you at all, and there should be more like you!

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