Thursday 6 May 2010

Who are the true slaves.. FW or slaves?

This question was posed recently on one of the forums I am on, and I thought I would share my response here.
The question, in paraphrase, cited the fact that Gorean FW are constrained by "chains" of their station, forcing them to hide their true selves, as opposed to slaves, who, not only are not so constrained, but, in fact, MUST be completely open.

I think much depends on whether one is referring to the FW of the books, or those in real life. If the former, then, certainly, many of them wear, perhaps, the heaviest of chains.. Those of the denial of their true nature.
They are forbidden to show any nuance of "slave-like behaviour", lest they be fully enslaved. That may work in the fiction, but in reality, it is absurd! The FW of the books are, in their way, no more "free" than the average Earth woman!

You see, I agree with the idea that, in each woman, there is some slave and some free woman. Of course, how much of each is going to vary widely from woman to woman, but I do think that the vast majority of (straight) women will joyfully kneel before the right man, even if only behind closed doors.

That does not mean, however, (contrary to what the books seem to suggest, within the stories) that ALL women are cut out for slavery. In fact, I maintain that most are absolutely NOT! Despite the romantic ideal, where, time and time again, all it takes is a sufficient amount of violence to render a former FW into a joyfully licking, begging slave, most people prefer freedom. Goreans especially!

That said, here in reality, it is my belief that Gorean free women are more truly free than those in the books.
We know ourselves to be women.
We know that, in general, we are naturally more submissive than men.
We know that our femininity is something to be celebrated, relished, and cherished.. not hidden away as though it were some shameful secret.
We know that there is always the possibility that someday, some man will come along who will bring us to our knees at his feet, merely by being what he is.. A man. A TRUE man, and one who will master us.. heart, body, mind and soul, without even trying.
And we accept these facts with grace and decorum.
Unlike our fictional counterparts though, we are not forced to hide those delicious stirrings that we may feel.. for there is no risk of being summarily stripped and collared for the "crime" of being fully female.
We must only submit to those men who cause our own natures to demand it of us.

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