Thursday 1 August 2013

Pseudo-Kilt Update

I'm about 10 hours into the project at this point.

The ironing as I pleat method turned out a much nicer finished product, and I think it took less time over all. 
  I punched the holes into the leather for the center apron piece to make it easier to sew on.

 Here are a couple photos with the back pleated sections pinned on. I'll probably sew those today sometime, after I finish the apron.
 Here, I'm fiddling around with ideas for attaching the straps and buckles (Goodwill belts - $3.99 each for good quality leather belts, rather than about the same price plus shipping for ordinary kilt straps. Another score!)

 I think I'm going to go with this belt (most of it, anyway) across the back, covering the tops of where the pleats are sewn on.
 Here, you can see the back of the "kilt" with the Tartan folded around the sides, so it shows how it will look (other than the pins and rough edges, that is) from the back when done.
There's no real point to this photo, other than I thought it looked nice when I folded it up to put away  for the night (morning). 

 I did a little more sewing on the apron when I got up. Then I got smart and decided I REALLY needed coffee first! I also glued the leather to the shorts base along the top area, to provide a little more stability.
It occurred to me just a bit ago that this is going to be a challenge to wash. I'm going to throw a piece of the leather from the jacket I used in the next cold load I do and see how it holds up. Several places sell leather and cloth "kilts", so I know there has to be a way to wash it reasonably. We'll see how it goes.
Now, more coffee, and then back to sewing!


  1. It's looking very nice Mistress, love how its turning out.

  2. I loved the finished product, and loved the ideas you have for making it better