Wednesday 27 September 2017

Too much produce? We'll see about that!

I forgot to log into the web store at Terra Organics (if you sign up, please tell them Khaos WolfKat sent you!) and edit my CSA box by the deadline this week. That means I got an entire $42.00 worth of fruits and veggies yesterday!

Now, normally, I go in and pick and choose what I want from the weekly offerings, cause I don't use that much produce in a week by myself, especially when I've recently also been to the local farmer's market and bought a bunch of what's on sale.

So, what all arrived at my front door? I'll cheat and just post a picture of the packing list.

Yeah. That's a lot of fruit and veg, even for me!
So, of course, abundant salads as usual takes care of the radishes, lettuce, cilantro, and some of the carrot greens.

That would have been the tomatoes...

The sungold tomatoes would have been on that list, only I popped one of them in my mouth as I was unpacking the box and that was all she wrote. They were SOOOO good!

   These little gems are far too tasty to get lost in the shuffle of an ordinary salad, or even one of these super-delish extraordinary salads.
 I (and we, when my granddaughter is here) eat a LOT of salads!
You'd think more so in the summer, when it's too bloody hot to cook, only we seem to eat at least as much of it in the wintertime too.
Anyway, back on topic;  That still leaves an awful lot of produce to use up, so it was time for me to start coming up with meal plans and recipes so none of this goes bad. The melon was two breakfasts. Good stuff.                                   The first recipe,  Potato Carrot Soup with Leeks and Kale, is an adaptation of my PLFK (Potato, Leek , Fennel & Kale) soup (pronounced, "plufuk").
Potato Carrot Soup with Leeks and Kale

It turned out looking almost as lovely as it tastes, with the carrots lending that beautiful, golden colour.
Look for the recipe for that on Monday.

The beets, along with some of the carrots will go great in a big pot of borscht sometime this week or the next. I've already got the other ingredients on hand.
A couple more inventions spawned by yesterday's abundance are Goldenberry Pie, Presto Pesto (no basil or pine nuts needed!), Presto Pesto Potato Veg Roast, and Presto Pesto Squashta Pasta. (I know. I have a serious problem. I really ought to have it looked at. Only words are so much fun!)

Keep an eye out for those recipes the next few Mondays, and maybe a Sunday or two.

Oh, and, sadly, I don't really care for jalapeƱos all that much, even though these are quite lovely, so those are going to a friend or neighbour who can use them.

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