Tuesday, 28 November 2017

How teapot earned her name

 This girl has been instructed to write a detailed account of exactly how it was that she lost many of the privileges of freedom and had the name, “teapot” put upon her. This is not the first time she has been placed under discipline as a result of her words and actions. The last time was near the beginning of August, and lasted a couple weeks.

That time, it was as a result of repeated arguing, being disrespectful, sarcastic, snarky, and generally displeasing.

The girl only managed just over a week of proper behaviour, befitting a lady, before she fouled up even worse, this time, committing the above offences,  as well as flat out refusing to obey, cursing, yelling at Sir, and telling him he was “full of shit”, because she felt he was incorrect on a point. The assigned essay containing full details regarding that incident can be found here.

Of course, this resulted in her losing most of her privileges, her status, and this time, the right to use her name as her chat nick, as she had not behaved in a manner properly honouring that name.

When she asked Sir what nickname she should change it to, he chose “teapot”. The choice stemmed from another long-running disciplinary “issue”; Sir had frequently commanded this girl to sing him a song, and she always made a fuss about it, often times flat out refusing to do so, because she was self conscious about messing up. To teach her a lesson about that, he started making her sing the “I'm a Little Teapot” song on a regular basis (at which she also baulked and complained, every time, and frequently outright refused). So, it was, apparently, a natural choice.

After a few months, once she had behaved pleasingly enough, she was very generously granted the use of the name, chahu, gifted to her by a master, which is Mandarin for “teapot”, and a more feminine and pretty name for a girl.

The girl, chahu, is grateful for the instruction and will remember these lessons, should she ever earn back the privileges of freedom. She now completely understands that she is and/or remains free only at the will of men, and that her freedom is not a guarantee, if she is to remain among strong, free men.

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