Thursday 10 May 2018

PersonHood Protector - A PSA for those FW in need!

Note: "Those FW in need", specifically refers to those for whom their "personhood" is more important that beliefs they claim to follow and their natural state of femaleness, and seem to believe that anything less than belittling men and railing against the natural order means having that "personhood" forcibly removed from them. If the shoe fits, and all that...

I drew this a few years ago in response to a whole spate of FetLife threads and posts from dissatisfied free women, full of man bashing and hateful spew. Several of the FW in question were self-identified "panthers" - ie: women who, by definition, reject Gorean society and philosophies - which simply boggles my mind in its own right (and is the subject of another writing of mine)
 One woman in particular kept going on about how the men were trying to remove her "personhood", just because she has [female body parts], and regularly referred to any men who failed to fall into line with her wishes as "boys". The main theme from this, and certain other women seemed to be that no man has the right to tell a free woman anything, and that because this is Earth, not Gor, women are NOT "free by the will of men", but rather, free naturally, (incorrect, and the subject of yet another of my writings) and such ideas do not apply here. After trying to engage in rational discussion with said women, and getting nowhere except decried as a "slave in robes", the slave and/or whore of  whichever man was the current favourite for bashing by them, because obviously, I must be speaking on their behalf, rather than having my own thoughts and opinions - only Panther girls have those, apparently, and other such mature salvoes, I decided to put my energy into something more amusing and satisfying to me. Hence, the above drawing and "advertisement"! :D

Not surprisingly, it earned me bans in a couple FW groups. Unexpectedly, it got me elevated to mod status in one other. LOL.  
It seems many women want to claim to be Gorean, as long as it means they are "mistresses", but wish to reject the whole bit about deferring to men or not being exactly equal to men and all. I don't get it. If you're into FemDom, or otherwise not cool with a patriarchal system, why would you identify as Gorean, when Gor is, so very clearly, "a man's world"?

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