Saturday 28 July 2018


I made Sushi! This is my first time actually making sushi on my own. I helped make some many years ago for an event, but all the ingredients were already prepped then, so I just learned to roll it.

This time, I did it all from scratch. I made my own seasoning for the rice and mixed it in, did all the seeding and cutting the fillings, and rolled them myself. 

The first couple, I used the mat for rolling, but I quickly figured out I could actually roll them faster and better freehand, and only using the mats for final shaping/firming.

I ended up making 11 rolls, total, with the help of my granddaughter, who absolutely ADORES sushi as well.

We had 2 of them whilst still very warm yesterday, cause we couldn't wait. They were decent, but didn't hold together very well and the flavours were just so-so. After chilling the rolls overnight, they cut better, held together just fine, and tasted worlds better! It's amazing what a difference it made.  

Considering how easy and CHEAP it is to make at home, not to mention how fresh it is, I'm not sure I'll be spending the money on pre-made  sushi again any time soon.

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