Friday 6 November 2020

Radical Leftists Continue Attempts to Steal the US Presidential Election

Democrats nationwide have turned out in record numbers this year, in an attempt to steal the US Presidential election from Donald Trump, by casting literally millions of votes for the rightful President's opponent, socialist extremist and puppet of the Deep State, Sleepy Joe Biden.

Throughout the entirety of Donald Trump's Presidency, the Left's Deep State conspiracy to hijack the Whitehouse has been evident.

The majority of news outlets, social media platforms, and so-called "scientists" and "health experts", along with leaders of many nations all around the globe have been complicit in this sham, as evidenced by the many attempts to discredit Donald Trump and his administration. 

Far spread claims of  "climate change", the China Virus Hoax, allowing furthering of the Islamic Agenda and other, dangerous, anti Christian, anti God, Anti AMERICAN programs with "freedom of religion", and the indoctrination of our children in the socialist school system's insistence on teaching that any part of our great Nation's history was wrong, are only a few of the rampant abuses the Left has subjected us to.

And, of course, further capitalising on the China Virus Hoax by forcing shutdowns, crippling the economy, and stripping Americans of their hard-won, personal Freedoms with mask wearing and stay at home mandates all across the USA, in the interest of "national health and safety". They are putting a few thousand lives, mostly those of minority groups and the old or poor, who already place undue burdens on American taxpayers, ahead of American Freedom, over an overinflated bout of the flu!

Additionally, every time our President or any of the real Americans who support him say anything that might be an alternate fact, the conspirators are all over it with "fact checking", which is a very insidious form of censorship. Imagine, expecting the President of the United States of America to back up anything he says with "facts" or their version of "truth" that they are peddling with their almighty "science"! He is the Leader of the Free World and his word should be enough for the American people. It IS enough for the legitimate American people!

Despite this unprecedented level of attacks on a sitting President, the voting numbers were looking good for our Commander in Chief on Election day. Votes counted as of the time polls closed showed Donald Trump clearly in the lead, and poised to lead our Great Nation for another four years, but now, in the latest, desperate bid to unseat the President, socialist radicals are adding insult to injury, by insisting that ALL the votes submitted on or before the election day deadline have to be counted before a winner is declared. 

 This is an outrage and a disgrace to our Great Nation's long and celebrated history of counting only what counts! 

Our Forefathers knew what they were doing when they founded this Nation according to the interests of the few who had what it took to rise to the top and stay there. In the Glory Days of our Magnificent Country, only solid and upright citizens who proved themselves worthy were permitted to vote, thus ensuring the American Dream for all True Americans - Powerful men, land owners, leaders, and those with great social standing stood up and did their duty to maintain a pure and noble vision for America!

Immigrants, Negroes, women, and common riff-raff were kept in their proper places, for the good of all, and were certainly not allowed to sully the voting process with their radical notions of "equality" and "civil rights". 

It was bad enough when the socialist movement forced the American people to let just anyone call themselves Americans, and then to hand over their God Given voting rights to ever-growing subsets of inferiors, but now, their agenda calls for actually allowing those votes to count against fine, upstanding Patriots! This cannot be allowed to stand. We MUST keep this country MAGAnificent!


Note: Just in case it was not already patently obvious, this entire post has been SATIRE! I do not, in any way, support Donald Trump, his administration, his paranoid rantings, or those of his supporters. 

I DO, fully and wholeheartedly, support and stand by the practice of a fair and accurate election, wherein all votes submitted by deadlines, according to US and State laws are properly counted and tallied, no matter how long that takes!

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