Friday 15 October 2021

My Comprehensive Preparedness Clothing list

 A lot of what's on this list is just my every day wear/go to items for different weather.

Yes, several of these items DO have cotton in them, but I have extensively tested and used them all, in all kinds of conditions, and can verify that they do a great job, even when wet, especially the ones listed as having "moisture wicking" properties in their item descriptions. Of course, wool is the better choice for socks, pretty much across the board, and for some other things like scarves and hats, but I'm allergic and can't test them, so this is what I use. 

Any links that go to out of stock items, you can just do a search for the same/similar thing. Not gonna do ALL the work for you! ;) 

This is a comprehensive, but not exhaustive list of everything, and some things don't have links to them, but should be easy to find. 

I'll try to keep it updated.

Base Layers

I remember when polypropylene was the brand new, cutting edge in base layers. How times have changed!

I am totally in love with the ECWCS Gen III stuff! It's all about layering, and takes up very little space. I have this stuff in my dresser and varying combos of them in my BOBs, Go Bags, and Get Home Bags (some of which double as regular trip luggage. Use and rotation, folks!!).

ECWCS Level-1/silk weight thermal underwear

ECWCS Level-2 thermal underwear

Carhartt Base Layer Sock Liner:


For pants, I mostly go with Propper TDUs. They come in regular canvas, lightweight, and shorts, in a variety of colours and sizes. They are seriously the most comfortable ones I've found, and even come in very large sizes. They come in women's as well, (and up to a size 24, ladies!), but I always get men's ones, because I have very muscular legs/calves, and no butt or hips, so the men's ones just fit me better. I also have sweatpants around in abundance, cause they are comfortable for just hanging out, quick to pull on, good for sleeping, etc. Anytime when I want to be more laid back and comfy than regular trousers allow. Same with the mesh shorts below.

Propper TDUs

Mesh Shorts:


I mostly wear band shirts, or, around the house, oversize graphic t-shirts, some turned into tank tops for hot weather. But for Bugout/Go/Get Home bags, they have System Ts and the Mesh tanks. They are more versatile, nondescript, compact, moisture wicking, breathable, cool on their own and warm as layers, easy to hand wash and fast to dry, don't wrinkle, and the Ts can even look like a nicer shirt if worn under a jacket or something. They are great to have in any luggage and take up almost no space!

Propper System T-Shirt:

Mesh Reversible Tank Tops:
I like that these are reversible to a bolder colour if you want to be easily seen. Also instant "clean" shirt bonus. They're cheap and comfy.


Under Armour Over-The-Calf Socks:   
These are great, a little longer and thicker than the MD ones, and don't have the mesh part, so are warmer. I wear these ones almost as much as the MD's, below.

MD Cotton Blend Over the Calf Compression Socks: 
These are my main go-to for hot weather. They have a kind of mesh area on the top of the foot that helps them breathe more, and are thinner than the UA ones. other than at the bottom, where there is a bit more cushioning. They are find most of the year, unless it actually is flat out COLD.

Dickies Cushioned Steel toe Boot Socks:
The ones I currently have look to be extinct, but pretty sure the above link is basically the new version of them. They are great for colder weather. I only have a few pair of them, as it doesn't really get THAT cold for very long here in the PNW.

LA Police Gear Tactical Boots:
These are my secondary, everyday boots. My primary ones are western style work boots. They're both fine for working, but these are ones for more "dirty" or rugged stuff, when I don't want to mess up the nicer ones. They are VERY comfortable, and, while I can't test them for extended walking anymore, the vast majority of reviews were very positive there, and they are a great price.

Rothco Jungle Boots:

I have a pair of these attached to the outside of my ILBE rucksack that is my main bugout bag.They are intended to, ideally, be a spare pair of boots, but if I happen to not already be wearing boots and am unable to grab my others, it guarantees I have good boots.

Knockoff Crocs:
Here's one option, but put "rubber garden clogs" in a search and you'll find others. They are great to have around to slip into and out of when you don't feel like wearing your boots, but need some kinda shoes on. You could get real Crocs too, but I've had various knockoff brands for years, and they've all been at least as good as the real deal. Some better. I keep some in my vehicles and by the front and back doors of my house so they are always handy.


Leather jacket - Standard motorcycle leather:

 It's kept well conditioned so it is nearly waterproof, and when worn with the zip out, quilted liner, it is pretty warm. More so with more layers underneath. Mine is roomy enough to allow for said additional layers. Also, most, if not all Daniel Smart leather jackets have one or two concealed carry/holster pockets built in. They are definitely great for comfortably carrying and allowing quick access to a Highpoint .45 ACP, Ruger 9mm, S&W .380, or a Colt .38 (all semi). I couldn't speak 100% for other makes, but with that variety, I am pretty certain that they'd be great for any pistol carry.

Carhartt Men's Arctic Quilt Lined Yukon Active Jacket J133:
Looks like this is no longer made, but I was able to find several used ones with a quick Google search. RUNS BIG!! Very sad it's discontinued, but worth getting one used if you want a great, warm, nearly indestructible coat. I have two, cause someone spilled a bunch of full strength bleach on my original one, and, while it still functions just fine, it looks like hell, so I got another. Here is my review:

And here is a Carhartt Yukon Extremes search to find similar jackets

Mythical Blanket Hoodie:
This is an AWESOME, polar fleece, sherpa lined, oversize (ON ME!!) hoodie that is HELLA warm. Unfortunately, they are not available to the general public, but I figured I'd include the link anyway, in case you wanted to make your own similar item. This thing is SO warm, and it's easier to get full range of motion and relax in than an actual coat. Not waterproof at all, but something like it worn under a rain poncho.. Like one of the two below, perhaps, would do the trick!

Swiss Alpenflage Camo Wet Weather Gear Poncho:
This is serious rain gear! I like this style better than the US Issue ponchos. It is freaking HUGE, but doesn't really take up much more packing space, and is better as an emergency shelter too, IMO. It stops biting cold wind and even seriously driving rain dead in its tracks, leaving me warm and dry underneath. To be clear, it won't keep you warm on its own. You need warm stuff under it. But it DOES keep the wind chill from touching you. I have one of these ihn my BOB and another in the house.

Lightweight Oversize Rain Poncho:
This is not going to stand up to a monsoon, 24/7 outdoors in days of rain, or anything close to what the Swiss Army one does, but it still does the job quite well for keeping dry in an unexpected downpour when out and about, and folds down to super tiny size! Actually smaller than depicted in the photos, if you roll it before you put it in the bag and pop a couple ranger bands around it. I keep them in go bags, vehicles, and on my (mobility) scooter EDC. Big enough to cover a very fat person, some bags, and a small child (6 and under-ish) and stay dry. The extended bill thingy on the hood is a really great feature for keeping water from going inside and down the neck.

Head/Neck Protection

BC Hats Bac Pac Traveller Oily Australian Leather Hat:

This is my every day hat. I've worn it regularly/daily for over 20 years, and it is still in great shape. I call it my "rain hat", or my "sun hat", depending on the weather. It shields me well from both. The original maker has retired, and it is unclear whether the company plans to continue/resume production of new stock, which is sad, cause they are hands (hats?) down, the best! There ARE a good number of well rated, similar hats on Amazon though, if you do a search for this hat.

Everyone should have a shemagh or several! They are useful for ALL kinds of things besides the many ways to wear them. Google "uses for
shemagh", and see for yourself!

ECWCS Balaclava:

Fleece Headband Ear Warmer:

Fleece Neck Gaiter:

Combo Lightweight Gaiter/Scarf/Face Cover/Hat:
These come in a 4 pack, and are perfect to stow in jacket pockets, glove boxes, go bags, and basically anywhere. On their own, as a single layer (not bunched or folded much), they are a decent, not too hot, protective layer from dust, road grime (for riding), sand, and sun. folded over a couple times or bunched up, they can be a lot  warmer, especially when used as a base layer, and are also ultra versatile. I love 'em.

Rayon Fleece Watch Cap:
I've got these in a few different go/other bags too. They are small, and toasty warm.

 Boonie Hat:
Tucks easily in a bugout/go bag for a warmer weather hat. My preference is my Aussie hat, of course, but backup!  

Mesh Head Net:

This goes right over any hat with a  brim to keep from eating and being eaten by bugs. You REALLY want these, especially if you're near a water source. 

I'm sure I am forgetting plenty of items on this list, and I'll add in more as I think of them and/or change up my gear. If you have questions, suggestions, or think I missed a category, leave a comment and let me know!

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