Saturday 19 August 2023

*UPDATED* If you lost contact with me on the chatters server...

If you don't already have my Skype or discord, and would like to get in contact, you can find me on cuff. KhaosWolfKat is regged, main nick.

Port 6697

#Gorean_Living (Anyone can join - A place for Goreans and those wishing to learn to discuss Gorean philosophies, tenets, ideals, values, etc, and applying them to real life. This is NOT a RP room.)

 #GL_kajirae_pens (Slaves only - an extension of the Gorean Living group, specifically for the slaves. This area can be thought of as the "slave pens", where slaves may speak freely without fear of being displeasing to the free.)

#Submission_Unbound (A room for all who submit in any D/s capacity, unbound by rigid roles or checkboxes, regardless of how you identify, to whom you do or do not submit, or what other role(s) you occupy. This is a place of learning, refuge, and shared understanding.)

#Khaos_WolfDen (Anyone can join - My private-ish room. Just a hangout with no real topic)

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