Sunday 31 August 2014

Valid reasons to change your clothes whilst camping

I've mentioned, MANY times, the value of packing light for camping trips, yet most people STILL feel the need to pack a change of clothing for every damn day!

So, because I am a kind and helpful sort, I have compiled a comprehensive list of reasons you may actually need to change into different clothing during your camping trip.

  •  It got too hot
  • It got too cold
  • It started raining
  • It started snowing
  •  It stopped raining
  • It stopped snowing
  • You got something that stinks more than you can stand or that will unduly attract wildlife on your clothing and you need to go to the river and wash them
  • You've been wearing your clothing so long they're physically uncomfortable or too stinky to stand and you need to go to the river and wash them
  • You're going to bed and don't want to sleep fully clothed
  • You just got up and need more clothing for outside of your sleeping bag/tent

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