Wednesday 5 November 2014

The absolute, MOST vital survival tool! You and those depending on you WILL DIE if you don't use it!

Make sure this is part of your every day carry!!

Sure, there are lots and lots of articles, advertisements, blog posts, and such out there claiming that this or that piece of gear is the number one, most important thing to have in your kit, but this one is the only one that pretty much guarantees failure if you don't use it. 

Everyone already has on at their disposal, and it's free to use. In fact, the more you use it, the more useful it becomes, and, unlike most gear, the longer it takes to wear out!

I'm referring, of course, to BRAINS - Not just the zombie apocalypse delicacy of choice, but a fully integrated, versatile, and irreplaceable item!

A quick Google search for "most important survival tool" yields many hits, and differing opinions, with a few enduring trends.
Among the claims of what ONE thing will save you if you have nothing else, the most common were (in order of popularity):
  • knife
  • multi-tool 
  • water filter
  • water
  • food
  • water container
  • machete  
  • axe
  • warm clothing
  • ammo
  • can opener
  • tarp (WTF??)
  • prayer
  • first aid kit
The third hit got close, with, "knowledge", and the third hit on the second page of results added to that with, "Practice and Common Sense", but it was halfway down the third page of results before I finally found, "the three-pound object that rests between your ears. Your brain!"

In the articles, blogs, how-tos, etc on the first five pages of results, including comments on the various articles, "brain" or "mind" only popped up three times! The ones listed above all were mentioned a great many times, and there were lots of other one-offs, but it seems the idea of being smart is just not all that popular.

I admit, talking about how to prepare
SMART doesn't make for nearly as cool articles and videos as all the latest, ultralight gear, knives and firearms to make Rambo green with envy, and video tutorials on how to make a fire bow & drill, build a debris shelter, collect water, and the like, and all those skills and a lot of the gear are absolutely great to have, but seriously, none of that is going to be worth a thing if you can't think on your feet and make smart decisions on the fly and in short order!

SO... If you have nothing else at all when the shit hits the fan, be sure that you've been keeping your most important and useful survival tool in your EDC honed to a razor-sharp edge and using it daily, so it will serve you well when life depends on it.

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