Saturday 1 November 2014

Nalgene bottles really ARE all they're cracked up to be!

Who knew?
Well, OK.. Technically, a lot of people knew this already, but I was pretty sceptical for many, many years. I ended up getting an old one given to me several years back though, and, since it was purple, and a decent, sturdy container, I kept it. I even filled it with water, as an emergency backup to my backup drinking water I keep in my van, figuring that it could at least be used for extreme need. 

Then it got misplaced. 

For over 5 years. 

I finally found it the other day, when my vehicle was partially dismantled, and was going to use the water for washing something. Out of curiosity, I smelled the water. It smelled fine. Now is when I should mention that I am severely picky about my drinking water. I am what is known as a "super smeller/taster". That means that even really good municipal tap water smells and tastes like a over-chlorinated  pool to me, nice, tasty filtered water that's been in a typical bike bottle even for 10 minutes is no longer at all tasty, and that even slightly stagnant water tastes and smells NASTY to me! More curious, I smelled it more, then, very cautiously, tried a sip. It seemed just fine, so I drank more. It still tasted great - just as good as it did when I first filled the bottle 5+ years before!

So, this bottle has been knocking around in a van all that time, and actually shows some wear on the outside. It looks like it got gouged and scraped pretty thoroughly at some point in there (it isn't dirty - those white marks are damage), but still maintained a perfect seal, only has slight cosmetic damage, and kept drinking water for even picky me tasting great that entire time! 

I'm sold!

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