Friday 31 October 2014

Propper Tactical Pants Mod

First off, I love, love,  LOVE these TDUs by Propper. They come in regular canvas, lightweight, and shorts, in a variety of colours and sizes. They are seriously the most comfortable ones I've found, and even come in very large sizes.

I've got a lot of Propper gear and so far, it's all been awesome.

Although these DO come in women's as well,
(and up to a size 24, ladies!), I always get men's ones, because I have very muscular legs/calves, and no butt or hips, so the men's ones fit me better. Thing is, men's pants are pretty much always too long, so I have to hem them. Not a big deal, and a lot of these style come un-hemmed anyway. 

So, since I already had to hem all of the long pants, I decided to go one better, and add some elastic cord in the cuffs. This way, I can blouse them, which is good for keeping water, bugs and other critters out, and also prevents flapping around and being in the way when barefoot or in sandals. 

Rather than just make them bloused all the time though, I used enough cord so that they will stay flat unless deliberately tightened, so they still will look sharp with boots or dress shoes.

Super simple! I just cut the hole, used a little fray check on the edges to keep it from fraying, and ran the cordage through. 

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