Wednesday 29 October 2014

Post Schedule

I decided I'd try to get a little more organised now that I'm actually posting more things here on a regular basis, so I'm going to try to keep certain topics to certain days of the week, so as to provide varied content, rather than 10 posts in a row in one area, and then 5 more in another, and so on. 

I may or may not actually stick to this guideline, and I may still, at times, go long periods without posting anything, but we'll see. 

For the time being, here is what it will try to look like:

Mondays - Recipes
Tuesdays - Thrifty food tricks
Wednesdays - Gorean topics
Thursdays - Preparedness
Fridays - Other thrifty stuff or "life hacks"
Saturdays -Misc
Sundays -Misc

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