Wednesday 29 October 2014

What is a Gorean Free Woman?

I believe that a Gorean free woman should, first of all, be committed to living by Gorean principles, philosophies, tenets, ideals, etc, just like anyone calling themselves Gorean.
  • She should understand and revel in the fact that she is equal (in worth, and almost in status) to, but not the SAME as a man.
Yes, she may well be more capable in many areas, than many men, and some women may even be more capable than the average man at some of the things at which men more commonly excel, but she should not spend her life trying to prove it.
  • As a woman, she graciously and gracefully encourages, empowers, and entrusts the men around her to be men, without constantly challenging them just because she CAN. She knows her individual strengths and weaknesses and puts them to use in a way that is beneficial, not just to herself, but to her family and community, and complementary to the men in her life.
  • She never attempts to emasculate men; Even if they deserve it or seem to be doing a good job of it themselves, she does not dignify it with her notice .
This isn't to say that she will cover their asses for them if they do it to themselves, nor will she compromise her own honour or integrity to help someone else save face, but she will be supportive to those in her community who are deserving of such.
  • She never hides or is ashamed of her femaleness, but rather celebrates it, with pride!
Here on Earth, in real life, we do not have to choose between being frigid, seemingly sexless, inert creatures, or being enslaved.
I believe that what Norman was really trying to point out with his extremes between frigid, haughty, shrill, tedious FW, and joyous, licking slaves, was that there is a balance.. That, as is stated a few times throughout the books, there is some of the slave and some of the FW in all women. I really think this is true, and that we should not hide who we are for the sake of convention.
  • She enjoys being treated as a lady, being protected, cared for, and nurtured, having bags, boxes, doors and chairs held or carried for her...
Even though she can do all those things for herself, and does not NEED a man to do them for her, she does not see it as an insult or a condescending act, but rather, a tribute to her womanhood. By the same token, her gracious acceptance of such things is a tribute to their manhood.
  • She understands and accepts, gracefully, the fact that somewhere out there, there is a man, or men, who is her "natural master", and that, if she ever meets one of them, she will have no honest recourse but to take her place at his feet.

In summary:

  • We are female, and proud of all that entails.
  • We are strong. We do not compromise ourselves, our values, our honour, or our fellows.
  • We do not pretend to be anything we are not, nor do we pretend not to be anything we are.

*More of my thoughts on what it is to be a Gorean FW can be found here.

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