Tuesday 30 May 2017

White Knight Syndrome and "lil ones"

I wrote this when I was still a slave, originally, so be assured that this isn't coming from the standpoint of a free person who "doesn't understand" It didn't get posted other than in a private space at the time for obvious reasons. Now, however, I can and will post it where I like.

Also, this is specifically referring to Goreans and Gorean slaves, though it may also apply to certain high protocol venues.

I've been far beyond disgusted by this for quite some time now!

Where the hell did the idea come about that slaves must be treated with "proper respect"?
Since when is it inappropriate for any free person who damn well feels like it to bitch out a slave for any reason or no reason?

Do all you white knights out there who come running to the rescue of poor little slavie poos who got their widdle feeewings hurt REALLY think that they truly RESPECT you for coddling them??

Hell NO! The ones who want to play slave and be little couch princesses will walk all over you and pay lip service to you for it and the ones who truly wish to serve and be pleasing by Gorean ideals will be disgusted with you, but still be respectful toward you because it is their place, but neither of those is respect!

The slaves, the fake slaves and your peers will all see you for being weak willed and pussy whipped!

Those with a slave heart that come TRULY seeking slavery within Gorean ideals are looking for REAL men who will keep them in their place! Why bother looking in Gorean venues for weaklings who will uphold the standard of coddling them and fearing to displease them? They can find that anywhere!

It's bad enough seeing all these brats who call themselves slaves, but only serve or behave when, how and to whom they please, but to see so called masters not only condoning it, but actually jumping in to "rescue" the little bitches when someone "dares" to smack them into their place... That is just pathetic!

Why don't you stand up and fucking be MEN! ?
Or at least, if you prefer to be the slaves of women, just admit it and let the real masters be masters instead of trying to claim it is "honourable" to play captain save a ho!

And girls, if you want to be treated respectfully, have a problem with being treated as a meaningless slut, can't handle being ignored, told off, used, or otherwise treated LIKE A SLAVE, then quit trying to be what you aren't!

Yes, it's lovely when the free treat slaves well.. or even with respect, but that is a privilege and a GIFT to the slave, from the free, not a prerequisite or a right! fucking DEAL WITH IT!

If you call yourself a Gorean slave and you don't like what I have to say, tough shit. You are fooling yourself!

I you're free and don't like it, better look in the mirror, cause the pillow princesses aren't the only ones fooling themselves!

I'm sick of watching the same old scene played over and over!
Where the hell are the real Goreans??

Yeah... I know this is Earth.. There is no Gor.. Etc. By, "real", I mean those who are true to the ideals and philosophies, which, when dealing with slavery, includes the idea that slaves are chattel.. livestock, and have NO RIGHTS.

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