Saturday 23 November 2019

Post Black Friday Thankstaking & 🍽️Dinner🍗 ~ 2019

Sunday, 15 December, 2019
 1300 ~ 1930
(1pm ~ 7:30pm)

The Wolf Den ~ North Campus 
(If you don't know what that means, RSVP for more info. If you don't know how to get hold of me, you aren't invited, cause all my chosen fam has my contact info! Sorry Charlie!) 
  • After you've made all the mandatory appearances, complete with attendant feuding, stress, awkwardness, giving thanks til it hurts, and that one really weird family member no one claims, then endured Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Ridiculous Tuesday*, untangling the %&^#*ing lights, chosen between assembling a faux foliage monstrosity or killing another precious tree, and  remembering where you put those leftover decorations you REALLY were going to put with the rest of them but never quite got round to it, come and join some of your chosen family for a low key, tasty dinner and whatever.
  • Enjoy playing games, watching cheesy holiday (or other) movies, and just  hang out.
  • If you can/would like to bring a dish or snack to share, that is AWESOME! Let me know, and I'll add it to the menu! 
  • Ingredients available on request - actual recipes if you ask really nicely. 
  • Wear whatever makes you happy and comfortable. Dress up if you like, don't if you don't like; It's all good!
  • This is an alcohol, illegal drug, and bigotry free gathering, so don't bring any of those here.
  • Edibles are fine as long as they are VERY clearly marked as such, so no one has a more magical than they wanted experience.  
  • Smoking (pot, cigars, anything legal) is allowed outside. There's a nice, covered, back patio with blankets and chairs. 
  • It's not a "safe space" or a PC gathering,  and there won't be content or trigger warnings. There might be terrible jokes, all kinds of "isms" discussed and/or mocked, and plenty of other horribleness. If you are too fragile to handle the mere mention of ... well, anything, you'd be more comfortable elsewhere. That doesn't mean being a douche to others is tolerated, but the "-ist police" aren't invited. 
  • If you don't like or are allergic to dogs, you may want to pass on this one. The dog lives here. You don't.  
  • Come for the whole thing, drop in for a while, or just show up for dinner. Just try to let me know which you are doing so I can plan correctly!

  • 1300 - Door unlocks (come on in! Knocking causes more barking), snacks, social, waiting for people to show up, etc. 
    • Arrival drinks and snacks 
      • Coffee ~ Organic, fair trade, shade grown, dark roast. 
      • Hot, mulled cherry-cranberry cider
      • Eggnog
      • Apricot, bacon, smoked, baked Brie
      • Cracker assortment
      • Cream cheese & olive stuffed celery
      • Devilled eggs
  • 1400 - Gaming and/or movies
  • 1600/1700 - Let the feasting begin! (and more movies?)
    • Dinner
      • Smoked turkey
      • Browned flour turkey gravy
      • Cornbread stuffing
      • Smoked, Seared, Cherry Merlot Pork Roast
      • Cranberry Pomegranate Wild Rice & Sausage Dressing
      •  Roasted maple bacon yams
      • Spinach parmesan casserole
      • Cranberry sauce 
    • Desserts
      • Pumpkin pie
      •  Cookies by bakedplushbakes (Telegram:
        • Snickerdoodles
        • DoubleTree Cookie Copies 
        • Gummy Bear Sugar Cookies
  • 1830 - Everybody Go Away (unless you're helping clean up).
  • 1900 - No, really... We love you and enjoyed your visit. Now take your leftovers and GTFO!

*I might have made up "Ridiculous Tuesday".

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