Friday 29 November 2019

Working in a Sweatshop Wonderland (Parody)

Here's a little something I wrote to kick off the Yule season!

Working in a Sweatshop Wonderland 

Gone away is a fair wage.

Here to stay, is a slave wage.

We work through the dawn,

Till we collapse on the lawn.

Working in a sweatshop wonderland.

The assembly line is where they keep us

So that we can package all the toys.

I’m pretty sure that OSHEA would be furious.

If they weren’t paid so well by good ol’ boys.

Before Long, We’ll perspire.

And we never can retire.

Until that big day

While we’re slaving away,

We drop dead in our sweatshop wonderland.

Then the life insurance that they gave us

Will be all that we have left to show.

But there’s something they forgot to tell us

The beneficiary is the CEO

© 2010 Khaos WolfKat

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