Thursday, 26 December 2019

Aerogarden and kitchen scrap regrowing

Now that I am kinda more settled in my long-term-temporary digs, I'm getting back to gardening. 

Aerogarden Farm - 2019.12.26

It's winter, so everything is indoors for now. 

I invested in an Aerogarden, after seeing the great results an online friend was getting with hers (Thanks kat!!). The one I got came with a bonus, smaller one, so I am using the small one primarily for herbs, and the large one mostly for lettuce and tomatoes. For now.

I started the small one on the 14th of December, so almost 3 weeks ago.

Here it is right after setting it up.  
Aerogarden Harvest - 2019.12.14

And here we are at one week
Aerogarden Harvest -2019.12.21

Aerogarden Harvest -2019.12.21

Aerogarden Harvest -2019.12.21

Aerogarden Harvest -2019.12.21

And at almost 3 weeks
Aerogarden Harvest -2019.12.25

Aerogarden Harvest -2019.12.25

Aerogarden Harvest -2019.12.25
 The regular basil is really going to town! The Thai basil hasn't sprouted at all. I am hoping it's not a dud, but if it is, it's guaranteed, so I guess I'll be calling them up in a few more days if no sign of sprouting.

The basil in the shot glass there is a couple cuttings from grocery store basil. More on that a bit further down. 

I just set up the big Aerogarden today. 

 On the left side, I have several varieties of lettuce, some chives, and some regular basil
Aerogarden Farm - 2019.12.26
On the right side, there are 6 pods each of Golden Harvest Cherry Tomatoes and Red Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes.
Aerogarden Farm - 2019.12.26

 Look for updates soon.

Do you like my garden gnomes?

I also started some dill and basil cuttings and celery bottoms from kitchen scraps in the 14th. 

This is just a few hours after putting the celery in water. They are already showing a bit of growth!

 And here they are yesterday.

 And today...

Also today, I prepped my ginger rhizomes (and their future homes) for planting.
Here are the pots with expanding soil being slowly hydrated
And here are the rhizomes, soaking in lukewarm water. 

They will soak overnight, and I'll put them in the soil tomorow sometime. 

 I'm going to be regrowing some leeks and green onions sometime in the next few days, so keep an eye out for that.

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