Tuesday 31 December 2019

Aerogarden and kitchen scrap regrowing update # 2 ~ On reflection, the plants are growing better this way!

That's a very bad light booster joke. You're welcome. 

I decided to make a reflecting enclosure for my grow space, and just in the space of a day and a half, it has made a tremendous difference! 
 This photo is from the evening of the 29th, just after I set it up.

 These were taken just a few hours later, and the basil roots are already way bigger!

These  next few are from the afternoon of the 31st. Look at how much bigger everything is!
  The dill is growing some true leaves/fronds now, and starting to actually look like dill.

 I decided to cut the tall basil stalk down so the water and nutrients wouldn't have to work so hard to get to the top leaves. That should help the formerly mid-stalk leaves grow better, and I put the cutting in water for another new plant. If all goes well, I'll have to rustle up some more pots before too long.
 Here is the cut down to size, original plant, with its one, remaining stalk. 

And look at how much the leeks and green onions have grown in that same day and a half with the reflectors!
 The new leek growth is also MUCH darker green than the original leeks. Better lighting and nutrients will do that. 

And, last, but not least, my tomatoes are finally sprouting...

 ... and the lettuces are coming right along.

 I'm planting microgreens tonight and starting some sprouts tomorrow. 

My new year will be rung in with new, yummy, growing things!

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