Wednesday 15 January 2020

2019/2020 Garden update #6 ~ First lettuce harvest!

 The "Farm" and transplants, as of today, January 15th. 

Here is the lettuce and herb side on the 13th.

And the tomatoes on the 13th. Looking lively.

I decided to try light reflectors to get light to the lower leaves of the transplants. We'll see how that goes.

You can just barely see the little sprouts peeking out on the lavender, sage, and cilantro.
Lavender - 2020.01.13
Sage - 2020.01.13

Cilantro - 2020.01.13
And the PGSC is ALREADY sprouting on day 2!

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies - 2020.01.13
 The rosemary sprout is a little taller.

 And the tarragon and oregano are going to town. :D
Tarragon - 2020.01.13

Oregano - 2020.01.13

Still nothing on the new Thai basil. Hope springs eternal.
New Thai Basil (started 2020.01.07) - 2020.01.13
Here's my tower o' sprouts. The lowest tier is actually ready to harvest at the next watering in this pic.

The microgreens are more than ready for another "haircut" too.

SO excited about my first lettuce harvest!! 

Here, you can see the harvested lettuce, a little bit of basil, thyme, and dill, and some microgreens, all ready to go into a salad. 

Here's a closer look at the microgreens.
And the lettuce. It's not a lot, but enough for a decent sized salad, once I put other fixin's in it.
And my beautiful dill, basil, and thyme. They are SOOO aromatic! Even just those tiny bits.

And here's the salad, with leeks, lettuce, sprouts, herbs, and microgreens. The leeks in there are the ones that were originally the ones I'm currently regrowing. Everything else in the bowl, I grew myself.

I didn't grow the tomatoes or avocado that are also going in. Those are from Imperfect Foods, which is an AWESOME place to get massively discounted, fresh farmed produce, as well as other foods now. They buy up the stuff direct from farms and other places that is not pretty enough to grace the displays in the supermarkets and groceries, and then give a crap-ton away to food banks and meal programs and whatnot, and sell the rest for really cheap. 

If you click my link and sign up, we'll both get $10 credit there, which buys a LOT of produce.

Here's the lettuce after the harvesting.

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