Saturday 11 January 2020

Gardens update #5

Above, my "Farm" garden, transplants, and one container of microgreens, as of today, January 11th. 

Here are the lettuces yesterday, along with the thyme, dill, and one of the basils that I moved from the smaller garden, cause they got too tall for the lights at the level they need to be for the tinier plants.

And tomatoes yesterday. All but one have sprouted now, and most are growing nicely. 

Only one day later,  the lettuce is almost doubled in size!

The tomatoes are taller too, but not nearly as dramatic as the lettuce.

 Here is one of my containers of microgreens. Crazy growth! And that is after a couple times harvesting.
Microgreens, 2020.01.10 before harvest

Here it is after the 10th's harvest.

Microgreens, 2020.01.10 after harvest

 And the other container on the 10th, before and after harvesting, respectively.
Microgreens, 2020.01.10 before harvest

Microgreens, 2020.01.10 after harvest

The basil cuttings are coming along nicely. they are much healthier than the original plant, actually.
Cuttings from Winco "living basil. 2020.01.10

 Here are the small gardens, regrowing scraps, and cuttings. 
The leeks and green onions are really taking off, and the original, remaining Winco basil stem is already looking healthier from being just in the water with a small amount of nutrients.
The first garden is doing well. It's already about time to prune the basils again, have the first mint cuttings in water, the chives are starting to look like chives, and the parsley is getting there.  Plus the second dill is peeking up above the label there. We're just not going to discuss the Thai basil.

 Here's a closer look at that little dill sprout.
Meanwhile, the new, DIY oregano and tarragon seed pods are sprouting now.

The oregano just barely, but it's VERY green and lush looking, so I think it will do well.

The other thing I did today is use one of the grow anything pods to plant Sammy's Platinum Girl Scout Cookies seed. So there wil be regular updates forthcoming on that as well.
Platinum Girl Scout Cookies - Started 2020.01.11

That's all for today! Stay tuned for the next instalment.

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