Thursday 1 April 2010

Review - Montecristo #2 Torpedo, Natural (5/10)

This smoke is supposedly the "second most sought after non-Cuban cigar in the world", and "a full bodied cigar" so, naturally, I had high hopes.
It was difficult to get a good light, but, once lit, burned nicely and evenly.
It started out extremely mild... FAR more than the description let on. It did get better by almost midway through, but then quickly became arid and harsh to my tastes.
Thick, abundant smoke.
Firm, light grey ash.
"Good" (as in, maintained its taste without getting nasty - quotes cause I didn't like the taste to begin with) down to just under 2".
These are probably fine for those who like a milder cigar with a bit of a "punch", but not for me.
All in all, a big disappointment, especially after all the hype.

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