Thursday 29 April 2010

"Slave Rules" - A somewhat meandering list of what to expect in my collar.

I included a good deal of information in my, "seeking slaves", post, but, it occurs to me that there is SOOO much more information to impart than what that post contains.

So, for those who wish more information, here it is!
Now, of course, there is no way to include each and every nuance of what life in my collar will be like, but I CAN supply a pretty comprehensive list of the basics and beyond.
Some things will be negotiable; Some will not. Many are sure to require effort on my part and that of the slave to implement, as habits take time to form, just as much as to break. This list is not in any particular order, and there will be overlap from the other postings.
This post contains rules, mainly. This post contains more information about things to expect.
  • First and foremost: Take proper care of my property!
  • I will be informed, fully and promptly of any and all health/safety issues (illness, injury, concerns, etc.).
  • You will follow ALL of your doctor's and other medical professionals' orders and recommendations as regards your health and safety. We will make certain that your providers are kink aware and friendly, so this can be done properly.
  • You will maintain a healthy diet, which will include at least two well balanced meals per day.
Note that this does not mean that you will be put on "a diet" or have the amount of food you eat restricted (except in the case of food addiction or other necessary health reasons, as meted out by your health care providers), but you will not be allowed to eat a steady diet of junk food, processed foods and fast food. Those things will be allowed only in moderation.
  • Your primary purpose is to please me.
  • You will strive to be pleasing and obedient to all free persons, within my rules and limits.
Even if you are unable to be pleasing and obedient, due to circumstances beyond your control (I do realise that some people are simply impossible to please, and/or refuse to respect the wishes of a slave's owner.), you will remain deferential and respectful, and will always promptly apologise when you have been found displeasing, REGARDLESS of whether it is reasonable. I will help you learn to balance personal safety and maintaining your place.
  • Once the collar goes on, you will have no "rights". None! This is very important to understand! All privileges will be dispensed or removed at my whim.
Yes, you are human and have needs, and I consider it my duty to see to it that those needs are met, however, I do not owe a slave anything, and my slaves will remember that.. at the end of a lash, if necessary.
  • You will be at my beck and call at all times.
I will not interfere with your work or family obligations, which is why you will keep me informed and up to date, with regard to your schedule, at all times. I have priority over non preplanned, non-family, social plans or outings, so if you schedule something without my okay, it will be your own fault if you have to cancel. I will not make you cancel plans with family, but if it is a non-emergency thing and I was not informed, you will be punished. Keep this in mind. All it takes is a quick message to me, letting me know you want to do something. I am very reasonable about these things, as long as you follow my directions.
  • You will be expected to make certain that there is time in your schedule to spend at least a day or two a week with me, possibly overnight.
This does NOT obligate me to spend that amount of time with you. You exist to please and serve me, not the other way 'round. Never forget this.
  • If you have children, they are your Number ONE Priority, at all times, no matter what!
This trumps the previous two rules. If I EVER find that you have neglected your children's needs, for any avoidable reason, there will be hell to pay!
This is completely NON NEGOTIABLE and is something likely to cause me to dismiss you from my service in disgrace, without hesitation.
  • During some times when we are together, you will beg permission for most things. This includes, but is not limited to, eating, drinking, smoking, using furniture, putting on or removing clothing, including outerwear, or anything which requires you to leave my presence, however briefly.
The manner in which you will be expected to beg will depend on the circumstances and present company. For instance, in kink friendly situations, you will kneel and beg as an abject slave. In public, you will more likely ask politely to be excused or use codes or non verbal signals, with which I will provide you.
  • You will provide me with detailed information about your fantasies, fears, and desires, so that I may more precisely tailor playtime with you and understand what makes you tick.
I often enjoy making a slave's fantasies come true. There are times that pleasing you will please me, and you are responsible for helping me to do that, when I so desire.
  • you will be expected to keep a journal, in which you will be permitted to express anything at all, in any fashion you wish, without fear of punishment.
I will have access to said journal, but may or may not read it regularly. If there are entries that you specifically wish me to read, you will need to direct my attention to it and beg me to read it.

This posting is a work in progress at the moment, and will be added to or changed as I see fit.

Questions and comments, especially ones that might help me make this post more comprehensive are more than welcome!

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