Saturday 21 June 2014

Redundancy - why is it important?

Happy Solstice everyone! I hope the summer is gearing up for good times and lots of opportunities to test your gear out in the wild. 

I catch a lot of flack from people about having umpteen different kinds of water filters and purifiers, fire starting methods, flashlights, power sources, knives, other weapons, first aid supplies, and various other duplicated and/or overlapping gear, and for having "kits' at several different locations where I am likely to be, as well as having what many think is a ridiculous amount of stuff that I keep with me all the time.

The thing is though, when the chips are down, if something fails, you most likely won't be able to just run to the store or wait for backup. You need to have backup already in place, NOW, before some disaster happens. When the SHTF, whether you and your family make it through the night, the week, or the month depends on having stuff that works, where you can access it, the skills to use it, and a well practised plan. If it's cold and you're hungry, thirsty, tired, and there are predators about (and there WILL be at some point, whether of the human variety or otherwise), you need a fire, clean water, sustenance, and protection ASAP, and if one thing doesn't work, you need an immediate plan B, C, or D, that you already know how to use and can count on!

Not only that, but you can't count on the shit hitting the fan at a convenient time and place. You may not be able to get to your vehicle. You may be away from home...

The list goes on! The point is that you may not be able to access your main supplies, and should have supplies at least sufficient to get you home (or to where more stuff is securely stored) wherever you are.

Remember, Two is one and one is none!!

This really can't be stressed enough!

And don't make the mistake of thinking that being prepared is some kind of doom & gloom, apocalyptic scenario, crazy people living in a compound somewhere thing. It's not just nuclear meltdowns, terrorist attacks, catastrophic natural disasters, and the like you need to think about. It's things as simple as having your car break down in a deserted area with no cell signal, being stranded by inclement weather, a storm knocking your power out and/or a tree through your roof, or any number of things that are temporary and completely survivable, as long as you are prepared for them.

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