Thursday 8 May 2014

Every Day Carry (EDC)

For the uninitiated, EDC, or, "every day carry", refers to the items you take with you every day.

Obviously, my pockets go along with me everywhere I'm wearing street clothes. The meds bag for SURE goes with me any time I'm going away from home, and if I'm not going to be in my own vehicle (which is well equipped as a BOV), I try to always remember to bring the satchel too.

Note: this is my minimum EDC. I almost always have additional blades and other items directly on my person as well.

Updated: 2015.08.20

Right, front:

  • S.O.G. Para-tool
  • Zippo w/butane torch insert
  • Stupid (flip) phone
  • AA coin
  • Keys
    • house
    • storage
    • vehicle
    • parents' house
    • parents' vehicle
    • partner's house
    • handcuff (standard police issue type)
    • emergency whistle
    • para cord

    Left, front:
  • Swiss Army type pocketknife
  • hair-ties
  • lip conditioner (fancy, hippie Chapstick)  
  •  Wallet
    • ID
    • cash
    • Credit/debit cards
    • Proof of disabilities
    • spare vehicle key
    • thumb drive
  • lipstick 
  • Zippo

Right, hip:
  • Folding knife
  • Pen
  • Paper + waterproof notebook (will have photos of notebook up soon)
  • Smart Phone (not pictured because that's what I was using to take photos)

Left, hip:
  • another folding knife
  • business cards
  • misc things throughout the day
 Right, cargo:
  • 4 strips jerkey
  • 4 oz. Dried fruit & nuts
  • 2 nutrition bars (meal replacement)
Left, cargo:
  • pocket first aid kit
  • electrolyte tabs
  • nitrile gloves
  • travel toothbrush & toothpaste tablets 
  • folding water bottle 
  •  aluminium foil
  • ranger bands 
  • disposable lighter
  • nylon twine (mason line)
 Left, utility:
  •  6000 mAh portable phone charger
 Carrying/wearing/attached to clothing or bag
  • Filtering water bottle 
  • Sunglasses
  • COFFEE!! (in stainless steel travel mug)
  • boot knives
Meds bag (fits into satchel)

Outside mesh pocket

  • Mini flashlight
  • Swiss Army knife
  • 2 packets instant coffee
  • 2 Phone charging cables
  • AC + DC charging adaptors
  • 2000 mAh portable phone charger
  • hand salve
  • coconut oil

Testing side

  • blood glucose meter
  • test strips
  • lancet device
  • extra lancet drums
  • albuterol inhaler
  • nasal sprays
  • Epi-pen
  • alcohol swabs
  • phone stand
  • pen
  • headphones

Meds side

  • 1 week's worth insulin & needles
  • 1 week's worth daily + pain meds
  • Additional meds (Airborne, gas reducer, antiemtic, electrolyte tabs, etc)
  • 6000 mAh portable phone charger (moved to utility pocket of trousers)
  • Hard candy

Satchel (like a purse, but more cool)

Main compartment
  • Frio wallet (evaporative cooling pouch for insulin)
  • SOG Para-tool (a bigger/better version of the one in my pocket)
  • Tape measure
  • Epi-pen
  • Pit stick
  • flashlight
  • Comb
  • Hair clip
  • Clove cigarette case

Medium front compartment
  • makeup
  • toothbrush +toothpaste
  • tampons
  • TP
  • Sharpies
  • Pens
  • comb knife
  • jerky
  • nutrition/meal replacement bar
  • nuts & fruit

Small front compartment
  • Charging cable
  • headphones
  • lighter
  • lens wipes
  • hair ties/scrunchie
  • spare bluetooth hooks


  1. In the event of the manure striking a rotating oscillator, and as well as that BOB/EDC/Prep set up; I hope you re as well armed as those bags are packed. You might attract a drug crazed nut, I d hate to hear you fell to such as that.

    1. But of course! I'm kind of hesitant to post specifics about my weaponry though. Be assured, I am pretty much always armed. Even when I'm kicking around the house nekkid, I've got weapons easy to hand.

  2. Besides what every lady has?!? ;-P That s good!

  3. LOL. It has been said that "feminine wiles" are weapons, but yeah... someone coming into my home or other space uninvited will find themselves encountering something a bit more extreme, with a high potential for an overdose of steel or lead. Or aluminium (crossbow bolts).

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  5. I really admire that you have brought. Thanks!
    [Jerry Gonzalez]

    1. Thanks Jerry. Looking through this again, I see that it's way past time for me to do an update post! There are things I no longer need, as well as some other updates to make things more compact/efficient/etc. I actually just fully reviewed and revamped my EDC again last month, so I'll try to get a new post up soon! I've added in a couple great new ideas from Dave Canterbury, so I'll link is relevant vids with that too. BTW, I'm curious how you happened across my blog.