Sunday 1 September 2019

She's Passing Wind (Parody)

She's Passing Wind 

(To the tune of, "She's Like the Wind")

She's passing wind
under my sheets
All through the night
Next to me

She does it past midnight
The stink it churns out of her bum
She's makin' more farts
But she doesn't know what she's done

Tried to cover my face
Her butt's too close to me
it's stinging my eyes
Flatulence blitzkrieg
Now I need a reprieve
Something to stop the nosebleed
she's passing wind

I look for air clearer
When I get up to pee
Smells like dung oh man
This isn't a dream
Maybe she soiled herself
This is off the chain!
She stinks like a cur
It's so insane!

Smells like ass in my face
This is too gross for me
I'm starting to cry
My nose is fatigued

Smells like stool gotta leave
(Smells like stool gotta leave)
she's passing wind
(Just so cruel I believe)

Just so cruel I believe
(she's passing wind)
It's not cool I believe
(It's not cool I believe)
she's passing wind
(Like a mule that's aggrieved)
Like a mule that's aggrieved
she's passing wind
(Her booty jewel... she's passing wind)
(she's passing wind)
(Like a ghoul... she's passing wind

© 2019 Khaos WolfKat

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