Wednesday 11 September 2019

Crazy Weather (Ode to Ethel Waters, Etta James, and Climate Change ~ A Parody)

(Sung to the tune of Stormy Weather)

Don't know why
There's so much sun up in the sky
Muggy weather
Repubs just can't get their facts together
Hurricainin' all the time

Land is bare
Deforestation everywhere
Global Warming.
Climate change is messin with the weather.
Emissions of all kinds .. all kinds

Since El Nino days the ice caps all are melty
If it stays that way, carbon and methane's gonna get me
All I do is pray greenhouse gases won't effect me
If I use the sun for power.

I can't go on
All my biofuel is gone
Sunspot weather
Now my skin all looks like leather
Acid raining all the time
It's surely the end times

© 2019 Khaos WolfKat

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