Sunday 2 August 2020

A letter to my kajira

Dear slave girl, 

You are mine. You exist to please me; to brighten my days and sweeten the velvet darkness of my nights, to grace my chain in shining beauty, to be used, admired, stimulated, fulfilled, tortured, deprived, nurtured, displayed, chained, caged, pampered, enjoyed, savoured, satiated, challenged, ignored, improved, instructed, loved, and more, all at my will and slightest whim.

You are my property. Everything you are, think, feel, do, want, dream, yearn, endeavour, aspire to, know, and can be, is mine, in its entirety. Nothing of you may be hidden or kept from me. You are mine. All of you. I will SEE you in full. Your heart, mind, soul, and every fibre of your being will be laid bare to my view and purview. Because you are mine - every last molecule of you - to do with as I please. 

You will come to me. I will wait, watch, learn, beckon, teach, encourage, light the path, draw you to me, and guide your way back again to me, always. I am patient. I am here to claim what is mine when she surrenders herself to me. I will not be moved. Not to chase, but to stand. Not to follow, but to lead. Not to plead, but to receive her plea and accept her into my embrace. I remain.

I love you; fully, fiercely, and without reserve, for you are mine. 

Though I love you to the ends of the Earth and back again, and will retrieve you even from the depths of Hell, should you stumble, crumble, fall behind, or become lost, I will not follow or chase you, even to the end of the block. I know it will clench my heart to the point of breaking to watch you go, but I will remain. Because, to be mine - truly mine - means that it is you who will follow me; in all things, to all depths, to all ends, in all ways, where, when, and how I lead. It is always you who must come to me. 

I will never give up on you, even when you do. You are worth my effort.
I will not force you to remain. If you are fully, truly mine, then the chains of love and your desire to serve me are strong enough to keep you.
Even when you try to run or hide, those chains will draw you back to me, in as much as you are mine.

And if they do not, these words are not for you, because you are not mine.

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