Sunday 16 August 2020

DJ Khaos Blooper Reels

SOOO far, these are the only blooper reels, but I imagine there will be more eventually. LOL.

Metal Mayhem ~ 2018.06.30

  This one was when I was still pretty new to DJing, and was my first experience with an unintentional hot mic. Explicit "lyrics". AKA, I cussed. This is the one that had several "requests" for, more begging, more of "those noises" and similar. I never understood before why partners seemed to think I sounded sexy when I was angry. I figured it out. Oy vey!

Metal Mayhem X ~ 2020.02.13

And listen to this one to see how many times I can say the word, "thing" in one minute, what happens with unexpected sneaking, a hot mic, and more! 

More than a few "technical issues", including my mic deciding not to turn off after my last voice-over, for some unknown reason. I finally just unplugged the mic to make it stop!

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